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Welcome to 2016!! Here's to a fresh start!
"A Digital Christmas"

Greeley, Colorado*

*It was the dawn of a sunny, cold day, Christmas Eve. It’s been two weeks since Ian Anderson was adopted by his partner, Zephyrmon, and now he was simply settling into his new home. Zephyrmon had gone out taking a job as a landscape artist and with the money made with her paintings they were fortunate enough to afford furniture. What was to be expected this year was uncertain, as this was Ian’s first Christmas with someone as his family. He sat on the couch, thinking about the upcoming holiday but more importantly he thought about Zephyrmon.*

*The day she adopted Ian, the boy couldn’t imagine anyone else who treated him the way Zephyrmon. Even though she preferred not to be called a parent, Ian truly wanted to do something for her and yet he knew nothing much about her that it would be very hard to find a gift. As he thought, the door opened and Zephyrmon returned, dressed in the same clothes worn when she adopted him.*

Zephyrmon: Ian, I’m back.

Ian: *Turns to her* Hey! How was the weather?

Zephyrmon: Cold, very cold. Although I’ll admit, the decorations are beautiful.

*That was usually how their conversations played out, after that the two were silent. Ian settled down on the couch while Zephyrmon removed her coat and hung it up on a hanger. But then, one matter soon came to mind.*

Zephyrmon: Explain to me again, what is it like this “Christmas”?

Ian: From what I’m told, Christmas is the time of year when friends and family come together to celebrate peace on Earth and good will towards men. It also represents the day Jesus Christ was born.

Zephyrmon: Yes, I’ve heard some people on the sidewalks singing about him.

Ian: *Smiles* I love to hear them sing. It was one of my favorite things at this time of year, especially back at the orphanage. I remember it: Mr. Dalton would take us to either church or the mall just to hear the carolers. And last year… *Sighs* That was Sally’s first Christmas with us.

Zephyrmon: *Raises an eyebrow* Sally?

Ian: Sally Swanson, this girl a year young than me. Aside from Mr. Dalton, she was by best friend… In some ways, she was my ‘only’ friend. The week before Christmas, I met her the day she first arrived and we haven’t spent a day apart since. It was fun for awhile… *Turns to Zephyrmon* Then she got adopted, the day before I met you. I don’t know if I’ll ever see her again.

Zephyrmon: *Ponders* Hmm… It seems she was very special to you.

Ian: *Nods* She was. Sally was a good girl, a great friend… I really liked her. I can only hope her new family is treating her well.  

Zephyrmon: I’m sure she’s fine. Actually… I do have an idea, if you’re interested.

Ian: *Looks to her* What’s that?

Zephyrmon: How’s about you and I do something for the orphanage? Consider it as a ‘thank you’ for their kindness toward you all those years.

Ian: *Nods* That’s a very good idea, Zephyrmon! I’m sure we can think of something. In the meantime, perhaps we can go shopping for the Daltons.

Zephrymon: They deserve something for taking care of you.


*Greeley Wal-Mart*

*It was a long walk as Ian approached the store with Zephyrmon, who kept herself hidden with her disguise. Upon arriving at the store, Ian and Zephyrmon were separated as Ian began his search in the men’s department. Ian searched the department, for a special suit Mr. Dalton would like. Soon he caught sight of a white tuxedo just across from him, picturing how Mr. Dalton would look. Just as he approaches the suit, a figure ran into him causing both of them to fall to the floor.*

Ian: Hey! What’s the big ide-

*As Ian turned to confront the person, he stopped midway and his eyes widened. For Ian had just realized that the person he bumped into was none other than Sally Swanson, who looked up with eyes wide open.*

Ian: *Eyes widen* No way!

Sally: Ian!!!

Ian: Sally!!

*The two kids hug each other in the middle of the aisle, as a passerby or two merely glanced and moved on through the store.*

Sally: *To Ian* It’s so good to see you! What are you doing here? *Eyes widen* Oh, don’t tell me…

Ian: Yep. I’ve been adopted!

*Sally’s eyes widen with joy, as she hugs Ian again. He had to admit it was a little tighter than the previous time, but still Ian did not mind in the slightest.*

Sally: That’s wonderful, Ian!!! I’m so happy for you! Oh, there’s someone who wants to meet you! *Calls out* Brinton!!

*Ian turns to Sally’s direction and sees a young boy, around Ian’s age, making his way toward the two. This was the young lad who Ian suspects to be Brinton, who for some reason reminded Ian of someone… Someone he met before.*

Brinton: There you are, Sally! I’ve been lookin’ all over for you! *Notices Ian* Who’s your friend?

Sally: Brinton, you remember my friend from the orphanage I told you about? Ian, this is my new brother Brinton.

Ian: *Holds his hand out* Pleased to meet you, Brinton.

Brinton: *Shakes Ian’s hand* Likewise. I thought I recognized you.

Ian: Yeah, I saw you with your parents the day they adopted Sally.

Sally: *To Brinton* Ian was just telling me that he just got adopted.

Brinton: Is that so? *To Ian* So what are your folks like?

Sally: *To Ian* Yes, please tell us. How is it?

Ian: It’s going well, actually. I only have one parent, well sort’ve. She’s not a motherly person I admit.

Brinton: I see. So she’s one of ‘those’ parents?

Ian: Well, a little. But she’s been very good to me. She’s a landscape artist, course I’ve never seen her work personally.

Sally: That’s still fantastic! Oh Ian, I knew you’d get a good family someday!

Ian: Yeah. So, how’s it going with your family?

Sally: Very nice, my mom and dad are so sweet to me. They even have a surprise for Christmas.

Ian: Cool.

Brinton: *Looks around* Where’s your mom?

Ian: The women’s department, probably. We’ve decided to do something nice for the Orphanage after all the times they’ve been good to me.

Sally: That’s so sweet.

Ian: *Smiles* Yeah. Funny here I am trying to find something for Mr. Dalton… But I’m also shopping for someone else.

Brinton: Really? And who would that be?

Ian: My mom. It’s only been two weeks since she adopted me, but I want to get something for her. Since you’re here, maybe you could help me.

Sally: We’ll help in any way I can.

Ian: Great! Come on!

*After retrieving the suit for Mr. Dalton, Ian, Sally, and Brinton scoured the store to find a gift for Zephyrmon. Meanwhile, in the women’s department, a disguised Zephyrmon was on her own search for a gift for Mrs. Dalton. She had since been inspecting the bras, rather curiously.*

Zephyrmon: Female humans are supposed to wear those? *Sighs* So strange, these humans…

Female Voice: May I help you miss?

*Zephyrmon’s attention was drawn to the store clerk, who approached her.*

Zephyrmon: *To the Clerk* I think you might. Could you tell me where the women’s dresses are?

Clerk: Of course. *Points ahead* Go up the aisle and go left. You can’t miss ‘em.

Zephyrmon: Thank you.

*Paying heed to the directions, Zephyrmon makes her way to the dress department. From there, she gazes toward a line of dresses, looking for one that Mrs. Dalton would like. The only problem was with so many options, she couldn’t make up her mind.*

Zephrymon: So many choices. Perhaps I should ask Ian, he’d know her better than I do.

*Zephyrmon turns to leave, when she stops. Several stands across, she could see Ian, Brinton, and Sally conversing to each other, the former holding a box in his hand.*

Ian: *To the others* You sure she’ll like it?

Brinton: Are you kidding? You can’t get a better deal than this one.

Sally: *Smiles* Trust me Ian, she’ll love it.

Ian: I hope so.

Brinton: Well, we’d best be on our way. We promised mom and dad we’d meet up over at the electronics.

Sally: Oh, before we go, here’s our address.

*Sally takes out a piece of paper, jots down her address and telephone number.*

Sally: That way you guys can stay in touch with me.

Ian: *Smiles* Thank you so much.

Brinton: Hey, no need to sweat the small stuff, pal. Any friend of Sally’s is a friend of mine. We should hang out some more. *Walks off*

*Sally prepares to walk away, when Ian calls out.*

Ian: Sally!

*Sally pauses, turns to face Ian.*

Ian: *Smiles* Merry Christmas.

*Smiling, Sally rushes toward Ian and hugs him one last time.*

Sally: Merry Christmas, Ian.

*After a few moments, Sally and Ian separate before she turns away. As Ian watches her leaves, he feels a shadow cast over him and turns around seeing Zephyrmon approach him.*

Ian: *To Zephyrmon* Oh, there you are.

Zephyrmon: *To Ian* Who was that?

Ian: That was Sally, Sally Swanson.

Zephyrmon: Your friend from the Orphanage?

Ian: The very same. She’s shopping with her parents and her new brother.

Zephyrmon: *Nods* I see. Well Ian, I require your assistance in finding a dress for Mrs. Dalton.

Ian: Sure, I’ll help you.

*Zephrymon and Ian made their way toward the women’s clothes, all the while she couldn’t take her eyes off the box Ian was holding. She kept wondering what could possibly be inside, but whenever Ian turned she had her eyes off the box so as not to arouse suspicion. Once they picked up a dress, they went to check out, paid for their contents, and made their way back home.*


*Back at their apartment, Zephyrmon and Ian were busily wrapping their gifts for the Daltons. Ian was by himself in his room, wrapping the box. He decided to hide the box in his closet, at least until tomorrow morning.*

Ian: *To himself* I sure hope she likes this.

*As Ian leaves the room, he noticed Zephyrmon was still hard at work on her part.*

Ian: Finished wrapping the gifts?

Zephyrmon: The wrapping’s a little complicated, but I’m sure they’ll love them.

Ian: I hope so. *Faces the clock* It’s two thirty now, it’ll take thirty minutes if we walk there. Maybe we should head over now, what do you say?

Zephyrmon: Good idea. Let’s go.


*Greeley Orphanage*

*Out on the streets, a disguised Zephyrmon and Ian approached the doorway into the orphanage, their gifts for the Daltons in hand. As they pushed the door open, they could see Mr. Dalton in the lobby, standing at the top of a ladder setting up the last ornaments on the Christmas tree oblivious to their entry.*

Ian: *Whispers to Zephyrmon* Okay, since we’re here, I’ll have to call you mom for now.

Zephyrmon: *Nods* Only for tonight though.

Ian: Right, of course. *Walks ahead*

Mr. Dalton: *Sings* Oh Christmas tree
Oh Christmas tree
How lovely are your branches-

Ian: *Smiles, calls out* Hello Mr. Dalton.

*Mr. Dalton turns, his eyes catching Ian and the disguised Zephyrmon standing in the lobby. He smiles happily as he climbs down to greet them.*

Mr. Dalton: Ian! Ms. Monroe! Welcome!

Zephyrmon: *Bows* Merry Christmas, Mr. Dalton.

Mr. Dalton: *Smiles* Merry Christmas to you both.

Ian: *Smiles* We’ve brought gifts for you and Jessica, sir.

Mr. Dalton: How thoughtful of you both. Oh, and Ian?

Ian: Yes?

Mr. Dalton: You will be singing for us at the end of the night, will you?

Zephyrmon: *Raises an eyebrow* Singing?

Ian: Oh, I almost forgot. *To Zephyrmon* Every year, a child is picked to sing a Christmas song before turning in for the night. Last year, Mr. Dalton promised I could perform this Christmas… *Pause* And I might take him up on that offer.

Mr. Dalton: Very good. But for now, it’s time for Christmas dinner complete with a delicious roasted ham, cooked by my dear Jessica. Would you care to join us?

Ian: Awesome, I’m starving. *To Zephyrmon* C’mon, let’s go eat.

Zephyrmon: Alright Ian.

*Zephyrmon and Ian follow Mr. Dalton into the Orphanage cafeteria. Seated at the tables, all the children sat with hungry looks in their eyes ready to eat. They turned and greeted their two guests, especially towards Ian, as they took their seats with the others.*

Mr. Dalton: Attention everyone. Tonight’s Christmas Eve, the one night of the year when we truly come together as a family. And so, before we begin this wonderful feast, my dear wife shall lead us in grace.

Zephyrmon: *Whispers to Ian* What’s grace?

Ian: It’s when we lower our heads, close our eyes, put our hands together, and one of us thanks the lord for bringing us together. The person finishes when we all say “amen” and then we dig in.

Zephyrmon: Very well. *Lowers her head*

*Everyone else did the same, lowering their heads in silence, as Jessica spoke.*

Jessica: Dear lord, thank you bringing us together as a family at this time of year. We also thank you for blessing Ian Anderson with someone to care for him at last. We also thank you for this bountiful table of feast. Amen.

All: *In unison* Amen.

*After grace, everyone picked their plates, selected their food, and ate. Mrs. Dalton handled the knives, carving the ham and layering each slice to each plate for the children. While Ian was enjoying his meal, Zephyrmon cautiously lifted a slice with a fork having never eaten human food. But once she took a bite, she found the ham to be quite delicious.*

*After the meal, everyone took a seat toward the Orphanage Stage, anxiously waiting for Ian to perform a Christmas song for them. Zephyrmon took a seat next to Mr. Dalton.*

Zephyrmon: Is this Ian’s first time singing?

Mr. Dalton: Why yes it is. Believe it or not, he’s never sung before until now.

Zephyrmon: Hmmm… *Turns to the stage* Interesting...

*Just then, the lights slowly dimmed and a single spotlight shot to the center. Footsteps pattered the stage as Ian slowly stepped into the light, nervously eyeing the crowd. Still, he prepared himself as Mrs. Dalton approached the stage.*

Mrs. Dalton: And now, Ian Anderson, with “Colorado Christmas” by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

*The children applaud, along with Mr. Dalton. Zephyrmon clapped a little, yet she was anxious to see if Ian could actually sing. Ian clears his throat and opens his mouth. What follows after takes Zephyrmon completely off guard.*

Ian: *Sings* Looking out the window of this Hollywood hotel
You'd never know that it was Christmas Eve

The billboards and the neon's took the place of "Silver Bells"
And the tempter is eighty four degrees.

And I can hear the traffic on the crowded streets below
As the palm trees poke their heads above the seam

But there's not a single Reindeer and it hardly ever snows
And Santa drives a rows lows limousine.

But all along the Rockies you can feel it in the air
From Dolerite to Boulder down below

The closest thing to Heaven on this planet anywhere
Is a quite Christmas morning in the Colorado snow

I remember Christmases when I was just a boy
In the morning I would run to see the tree

And the carolers on the hillside sang their songs of Christmas joy
Well I always thought they sang them just for me

Now the sun is setting in the California sky
And I can't find the spirit anywhere

So I think it's time for me to tell Los Angeles goodbye
I'm going back home to look for Christmas there

But all along the Rockies you can feel it in the air
From Dolerite to Boulder down below

The closest thing to Heaven on this planet anywhere
Is a quite Christmas morning in the Colorado snow

It's a quite Christmas morning in the Colorado snow

*As the music came to an end, the entire room burst into applause cheering loudly as Ian took a few bows. All were amazed of the boy’s singing voice. But none more impressed than Zephyrmon herself. She couldn’t believe how such an amazing voice could fill her ears, a tear trickles down her cheek which she quickly wiped away. She too cheered for Ian, who smiled proudly towards the crowd.*


*Sometime later, after saying their goodbyes to Mr. Dalton and the orphans, Ian and Zephyrmon were on their way back home. As they reached the house, Zephyrmon removed her disguise while Ian made for his room to settle in.*

Zephyrmon: *Calls out* Ian?

Ian: *Turns around* Yeah?

Zephyrmon: You were… Well, you were very good on that stage tonight. I enjoyed listening to you sing.

Ian: *Raises an eyebrow* Really? You liked it?

Zephyrmon: Yes. *Pause* Maybe you could sing for me more often. If you want, I mean.

Ian: *Smiles* If it makes you happy, Zephyrmon, I wouldn’t mind at all. *Walks off to his room*

*After Ian settles in his room, Zephyrmon took a seat on the couch with a hand on her cheek. Whether she realized it or not, the human was starting to grow on her in some way. In return, Ian has been rather good to her which left her wondering what she could do to repay him. After a moment to think, an idea comes to mind. She stands up and makes her way toward her painting tools, takes a large blank canvas and proceeds to paint.*


*Meanwhile, Sally, her brother, Brinton, and the parents were just returning from a sleigh ride as the sleigh pulls up to the house. As the family makes their way to the front door, Sally is the last person to step off the sleigh.*

Brinton: *To Sally* You coming, Sally?

Sally: *To Brinton* Go on ahead. I’ll be inside.

*Brinton nods his head and enters the house. As the sleigh pulls away, Sally walks up to the front door. Just as she reached for the door handle, she hears a soft voice.*

Mystery Voice: *Softly* Help me…

*The words caused Sally to stop and turn to the side. It was then she noticed a small ball wrapped in the snow, shivering from the cold.*

Sally: What?

*Curious, Sally approaches the tiny ball and brushes off the snow. With the mysterious being uncovered, Sally is stunned by what she sees before her eyes. A small pink creature with big cute red eyes, four big ears (Two pointed straight up and two pointing down the side of its head), pink ribbons with a medal, bearing a symbol of a crescent moon, long fur pointing off its forehead, no legs and five small claws on its hands. This was Lunamon.*

Sally: *Gasps* You poor thing.

*The Lunamon looks up towards Sally’s eyes, but it doesn’t speak. Sally leaned closer, yet the creature backed away shivering with fright.*

Sally: Shh… There, there. *Whispers* Pretend you’re a toy, so my parents won’t flip. Okay?

*Although it remained silent, Lunamon slowly nods its head as Sally carefully lifted it off the ground. Once they got inside, she takes Lunamon into her bedroom, wrapping her in a blanket.*

Lunamon: T-Thank you, miss…

Sally: So you can speak?

Lunamon: *Slowly nods* Yes, miss.

Sally: Please, call me Sally. What’s your name?

Lunamon: L-Lunamon. I’m a Digimon, short for D-Digital Monster.

Sally: *Giggles* You don’t look like a monster. Why you’re just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Lunamon: *Giggles, slightly blushing* Thank you, Miss Sally. *Changes her tone* But… I am here for a reason.

Sally: Oh?

Lunamon: Yes.

*Lunamon lifts a closed claw toward Sally, who bends her arm to the little one. Lunamon opens her claw, revealing a metal object similar to Ian’s digivice. Only this one had a pink ring around the screen and the moment Sally’s hand made contact with it, the device leapt in the air and wrapped around her wrist. Sally looks on in silent awe, before turning to Lunamon.*

Lunamon: Now please, listen to me. There’s someone in this city I’m supposed to meet and I need your help.


*The following morning, Christmas had come. When the sun hit his eyes, Ian awoke with a start and made for the closet to retrieve his gift to Zephyrmon.*

Ian: *Sighs* Here it goes…

*With the box in his hand, Ian strolls into the living room where he found Zephyrmon sitting on the couch. By the expression in her eyes, she was anticipating the young man’s arrival.*

Zephyrmon: Good morning, Ian. Merry Christmas!

Ian: *Nods his head* Merry Christmas, Zephyrmon. I-I got something for you…

Zephyrmon: Really?

Ian: Yeah. When I met up with Sally, she helped me pick something out for you… I hope you like it.

*Ian holds out the box to Zephyrmon, who takes the box in her hands. Opening the box, her eyes widen as she lifts the contents out. In her hands she held a beautiful light blue dress, which matched her hair and head wings and it shimmered in the light.*

Zephyrmon: Ian, this is beautiful! I love it. Thank you so much.

Ian: *Smiles* You’re welcome, Zephyrmon.

Zephyrmon: I actually have something for you too.

Ian: For me?

Zephyrmon: Oh yes.

*Zephyrmon stands up, making her way toward the kitchen in a quick pace as Ian looked on curiously. A few seconds soon, Zephyrmon returned with a beautiful canvas picturing a lush, green valley.*

Zephyrmon: I made this for you, Ian. I’ve been working on it last night.

Ian: *Eyes widen* You painted this for me??

Zephyrmon: Do you like it?

Ian: I love it! It’s beautifully done. Tell you what? I’ll frame it and hang it on the wall!

Zephyrmon: *Chuckles* I’m glad you love it and I love the dress you bought me. Thank you again, Ian.

Ian: *Shrugs* No sweat, Zephyrmon. That’s what the holidays are about.

Zephyrmon: Giving each other gifts?

Ian: No. Showing how much we care for each other. I know we’re not a family exactly, but we are partners. And of all the Digimon I could work with, I’m really glad it was you.

*Hearing those words, it took Zephyrmon slightly off guard. She wouldn’t really expect any human, much less one so young. And yet, she couldn’t help but smile at this.*

Zephyrmon: Me too. Merry Christmas, Ian!

Ian: *Smiles back* Merry Christmas, Zephyrmon!
Digimon Rangers Episode Two
To all of us from 'Digimon Rangers', Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Note: I don't belong any of the characters featured nor the story. The story itself was created by former Deviantart-Fanatic and good friend, Ian Tameris.
"'Dragon's Lair', the fantasy adventure of a valiant knight on a quest to rescue the fair princess from the clutches of an evil dragon."

We've all heard this story before, many generations before Kindles and the Book aps on cell phones nearly put actual books off the map. But back in the 1980s, when animator and director Don Bluth was at the top of his prime with some of his best selling movies he soon brought to life one of the most epic arcade games in the history of mankind. 30 years since the release, 'Dragon's Lair' continues to be praised by millions of fans worldwide. An impact that generated a sequel, a spin-off, a television series, and even an updated video game for the PS2 (Though I'm sure it was on other consoles). But the one request fans have made over and over and over is plain and simple: When will it actually become a movie?

Back then, players used to control the actions of the daring adventurer while helping him find his way through the castle of a dark wizard (Most likely the Dragon) who has since enchanted the palace with monsters and various obstacles. For within the mysterious caverns below said castle, the odyssey continues against the forces that would oppose the brave knight's efforts to reach the Dragon's Lair.

But now as of today, an opportunity has come for audiences worldwide to take part in a kickstarter to help turn this dream project into a reality. We know there are fans out there waiting for that opportunity to contribute in any way they can and with 30 days to spare there is still a chance for audiences of many kinds (Those who grew up with the franchise and those introduced) to see this fantasy come to life. For the possibilities of this story are endless: A chance to explore more of the story, to develop the characters in ways we never imagined, with twists and turns at every corner, and the opportunity to put Don Bluth back on the animation map!

So follow this link below fellow adventurers, your quest to donate... Begins!!!…


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