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Chapter Seven

*Fire and ash explodes within the bowels of the volcano, as immense pressure proceeds to build with each passing second. And yet, as the fires churn and burn this does not halt the activities of a rather persistent sharptooth, little Chomper was determined to catch the dragonfly by any means. As Chomper remains preoccupied in this barren, molten wasteland, with burning pits in every direction, the Trimaxian Adventure Crew, along with Littlefoot and his friends, finally arrived in their search to recover their lost friend.*

Littlefoot: *Calls out* Chomper!

Ducky: *Calls out* Chomper!

Isaac: *Coughs* Ugh, there's too much sulfer and ash in the air. I can hardly breathe!

Johnny: This is definitely not a healthy place to play in.

Justin: That leaves one question. Where could Chomper be?

Bonnie: Oh, I hope he's okay.

Logan: Bonnie, scan the area for any other life forms.

*Bonnie’s eyes begin to glow and high resolution beams pierce along the ground, the android scans the ground for a trace of their lost friend. Through her perspective, we take not that she’s not only scanning for foot prints along the ground but also thermal readings and among other reliable sources for tracking. But with the heat stemming off the volcano, it was not going to be easy.*

Logan: Anything?

Bonnie: *Mid-scanning* The readings are all over the place. It's so hot out here that I can't get a lock on Chomper.

Troy: *Looks around* It's this volcanic activity. It's generating too much heat, leaving the entire ground covered in thermal radiation.

Popeye: That 't'ain't the halfs of it! Look! *Points up*

*All at once, a large explosion causes the ground to rumble. All eyes turn toward the volcano, the smoke towering higher into the sky. The lava begins to bubble and erupt along its sides, with multiple explosions ignited by the intense pressure.*

Justin: The volcano is about ready to explode. In a few minutes from now, this whole ground will be covered with molten lava!

Littlefoot: I-I think we better look for Chomper someplace safer.

Johnny: Now that's a plan I can agree with. As far as today goes, I don't think I can handle any more surprises.

*The groups proceed to slowly turn around away from the volcano, when suddenly they stand in shock at the two creatures they hoped to never bump into. Ozzy & Strut, the Struthiomimus pair standing before the group, had eyes on the group as if they were looking at an all-you-can-eat breakfast serving.*

Ozzy: *Menacingly* Leaving? So soon? But you haven’t had your baths. *Stalks the group*

Petrie: Me no need bath. Me take one just yesterday!

Logan: *Annoyed* Ugh… Look, we don't have time for you losers. So beat it!

Ozzy: *Shakes his head* Oh no, no, no, no, no! First you spoil our dinner plans on a number of occasions and then you nearly get us killed! Twice! I’m afraid we’re not letting you off the hook that easily. *Grabbed by the neck by Popeye* AAACCCKKK!!!

Popeye: *Holds Ozzy to his face* Maybe Logans wasn't clear foirst time! BEAT IT, ya brainless, buld toirky! *Hurls Ozzy to the ground*

Ozzy: Oof!

Troy: Jeez, you guys just never learn, do you? You really want to mess with us, after what happened the last time?

Bonnie: You two shouldn't even be here! Can't you see that this volcano is going to blow?!

Strut: *Raises an eyebrow* Vol-ca-no?

Bonnie: *Rolls her eyes* Right, dinosaurs. Almost forgot.

Justin: You need to leave. NOW!

Ozzy: We’re not going anywhere until we make those brats pay for spoiling our supper!

Isaac: Are you really so stupid that you'll risk burning to death just so you can get back at a bunch of kids for interrupting your lunch? Jeez, get a life already!!

Loki: *Growls, translates* Seriously!

Cera: You smelly old Egg-Stealers better watch it!

Johnny: Yeah. *Pulls out his mallet* You don’t want to have another talk with good old “Mr. Mallet" again, do you?

Strut: *Gulps, hides his head* I still haven’t recovered from the last blows on my head.

Cera: *Steps in* Not only that, but it just so happens, we’re friends with a very mean Sharptooth!

*Meanwhile, Chomper was just about close to finally capturing the Dragonfly. Suddenly, Chomper starts when he hears a familiar set of voices somewhere on this barren land. He turns around and he hears the voices of Logan and Littlefoot, along with their friends, with the voices of the two egg thieves from their previous encounter. And by the sounds of it, Chomper assumed the group was in trouble.*

Ozzy: *Off-screen* Sharpteeth don’t have friends!

Logan: *Off-screen* That’s where you’re wrong.

*Chirping anxiously, Chomper cautiously approaches the group afraid something bad might happen. Little did he know, Logan and the others were holding their own with the Struthiomimus surprisingly well and the only problem they had was the stupidity of their enemies.*

Ozzy: If a Sharptooth’s your friend, prove it!

Troy: Hey, I’m a Sharptooth, aren’t I? And these guys are my friends. Heck, two of them even have sharp teeth! Is that proof enough for you? As for that big Sharptooth from before, I can summon him with just a snap of my claws, and you two are lunch meat.

Strut: *To Ozzy* Ozzy, you saw what Troy was able to bring to the Valley! That’s good enough for me.

Cera: *Steps in* Boy, are you dumb! That scary shadow wasn’t a big Sharptooth. *Smug* It was just a baby.

Logan & Littlefoot: Cera!

Cera: I mean… Oops!

*The explosion from the volcano grows fierce in the background, lava and smoke spouted through the gaping mouth of the fiery mountain top. The sky began to rain fire & ash as the group looked on. For at this moment, it meant doom for both the Trimaxian Adventure Crew as well as Littlefoot & his friends for not only did they find themselves confronted by the Struthiomimus pair but now an active volcano has caught them in between.*

Isaac: I think that’s our cue to get out of here!

*However, neither one was able to take one foot off the ground, before the earth began to shake. The ground rumbled and shook in a violent fashion, the shaking caused the two thieves to finally acknowledge the volcano and what they saw made them scream. Fire balls exploded from the volcano’s jaws, bouncing across the rocky surface as everyone froze and watched. The thieves panicked at the sight and tumbled into each other, rolling backwards down the hill barely missing a ball of flames that bounced along their location.*

Troy: Guys, this whole area is going up in flames. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting the heck out of here! *Runs away*

Logan: Troy, wait up! *Pursues Troy*

Littlefoot: But what about Chomper?

Justin: We cannot look for him here. We need to leave now!

Logan: *Calls out* Justin’s right! If we’re lucky, Chomper will have done the same! Now, COME ON!!!

Cera: *Shouts* Hurry!

*Suddenly, just as the group finally took off, the volcano exploded and a pool of lava dripped down its mouth rapidly approaching the tiny band. Logan, Littlefoot & their friends ran down the hill, the younger children screaming in panic. They sped off as fast as they could while coughing the smoke out of their lungs. Behind them, as the lava slid down the rocky mountain, the plants and dead trees caught in its path burst in flames before disintegrating into the extremely hot pool. As they ran, Ducky lost her hold on Spike's tail and crashed against the floor.*

*As Ducky slowly pushed herself off the ground, she screamed at the sight before her eyes. The lava was rapidly catching up to the ground, burning plants wherever it slid and Ducky was just inches away from suffering the same fate. As she froze in fright, Bonnie turns back & sees Ducky staring at the approaching lava spill. Clicking her heels, she zooms back towards Ducky and manages to land by her side before the lava got closer.*

Bonnie: *Lowers her hands* Ducky, come on!

Ducky: Bonnie!

*Without a moment’s rest, Ducky leapt into Bonnie’s hands as she once more clicked her heels & took off into the sky just as the lava swept beneath them. The group ran until they stopped before a ravine with a tree leaning against the edge, just as Bonnie landed beside her teammates. Lowering Ducky to the ground, the young swimmer approached the ravine and took note not only of how far down it was to the ground but how wide a jump they’d have to make just to get across.*

Isaac: Great! I am really starting to hate deep ravines right now!

Justin: And this one's too wide to jump.

Bonnie: Don’t worry, I can fly us across.

Troy: *Looks to the side* We won’t have to. *Points* There’s a pathway that goes straight down along the mountain. It will be safer and faster this way!

Logan: All right, let’s go!

*Logan leads the others along the pathway, when suddenly the egg thieves land right in front of them halting the group in their tracks. The kids screamed, while the Trimaxian Adventure Crew stood in front of them in defense.*

Popeye: Gimme a breaks!

Logan: What part of “BEAT IT” do you two peanut brains not understand?!

Ozzy: *Irritated* I’ve had it with you little sap-suckers!

*Strut chuckles sinisterly as the brothers prepare to strike. Suddenly, Strut heard a loud chomp & felt severe pain on his backside causing him to yell out in pain. The two Struthiomimus turn around & discover Chomper, his jaws tight around Strut’s tail, of course they were not amused. The moment Chomper saw Logan, Littlefoot & the others a smile formed across his face as the group were pleased to see their little buddy safe.*

Littlefoot: Chomper!

All: Yay!

*As the children cheered, Chomper rushes toward the group hugging Littlefoot with his little arms as everyone gathered around him.*

Bonnie: Oh, thank god you're okay!

Petrie: Chomper, you back!

Ducky: Oh, Chomper!

Littlefoot: Chomper, I’m so glad you came back!

Logan: We knew you’d get away safely!

Isaac: Never doubted that for a second.

Ozzy: That’s it! No more fooling around!!

Johnny: *Turns to Ozzy & Strut* You guys still here? Get lost!

Troy: Come on, you two! Look, maybe I pulled a few too many tricks on you back then. But Strut, you wouldn’t hurt us… Not your old buddy.

Strut: Sorry, Troy. I like you, but family comes first!

Troy: *Eyes widen* Oh my god, they’re serious.

Logan: Doesn't matter if they're serious or not, we still outnumber them.

Isaac: That and they're idiots.

*Whatever the case, the two Struthiomimus had their claws ready to swipe as they stalked the group with sinister smiles upon their face. The Trimaxian Adventure Crew slowly lowered their arms to retrieve their gear, ready to defend the children should the thieves get too close. As Littlefoot stood with uncertainty, looking from the approaching Egg Thieves and the lava slowly getting closer, he took note of the tree dangling along the edge. Suddenly, he recalled a previous conversation he had with his Grandfather.*


Littlefoot: *Groans, slumps down* Aw, I hate being little.

Grandpa Longneck: Don’t worry, you’ll be grown up soon enough.


*In that moment, Littlefoot realizes what his Grandfather meant to tell him what true size was all about. Knowing that he had to act like a leader for his friends, Littlefoot stared with a look of determination. He bounds toward the tree causing the others to turn around & witness their little friend press against the tree with great force, knocking it down till the front end hit the ledge along the other side creating a bridge.*

Littlefoot: *Calls out* Quick! Across the tree!

Logan: *Smiles* Good thinking, Littlefoot! *To the others* You guys go on ahead. I'll stall the lava.*Rushes toward the lava, aims his keyblade* Haven't used this in a while... Blizzard!

*Suddenly, a beam of white light shaped like a snowflake hits against the lava. The magic freezes a bit of the lava, slowly cooling it down into igneous rock, and allowing the group to make their way to the tree, with Littlefoot the first one to cross. The brothers, particularly Strut, were shocked by the power this strange creature possessed.*

Strut: *Gasps* Ozzy! That stick of his is magic!!

Ozzy: Doesn’t matter! The fool should never turn his back on us!

*But as Ozzy and Strut made their way to ambush Logan, who was too focus on cooling the lava, Popeye suddenly bounced right in front of the pair.*

Popeye: If ya tinks I’m gonna miss out on some reel fightin’, I’d have bought tis for nothin’! *Holds out a can of spinach*

Ozzy: What is that?

*But rather than answer, Popeye pours the contents down his open jaws, munching the spinach leaves in his mouth before hurling the can over the ravine. After a few seconds, Popeye swallows the contents and briefly turns into a muscular ‘Ape-Man’ version of himself beating his chest while bellowing out a cry as the brothers stood with eyes wide in fright.*

Ozzy & Strut: *Simultaneously* Uh-oh.

Logan: *Looks to Popeye* Popeye, remember: Your world’s rules of physics don’t apply here.

Popeye: Not ta worries, I ain’ts gonna hoirts him bad; just enough to knock ‘em silly!

*Popeye then leaps toward the two brothers, neither one fast enough to dodge. Grabbing Strut around the neck and Ozzy around the waist with his arms, he twirls around the ground going faster and faster till he forms a tiny tornado. Having had enough, Popeye hurls the two from his grips and the pair comically hit the mountain side. Popeye then grips Ozzy by the throat then bashes him in the face, then reels his shoulder till it hits Strut, who stood behind him. Popeye slugs forward then backward, Ozzy then Strut, eventually going faster and faster giving the group plenty of time to get across to safety.*

Logan: *Looks at the slowly hardening lava* Things I do for children.

Bonnie: Logan, come on!

Logan: No, make sure the kids get across first. I’ll meet you later.

Justin: Surely you can’t freeze ALL that lava!

Logan: I’m not trying to, but I can at least buy some time!

Justin: *Nods understandingly, to the kids* All right, kids. You heard, Logan! Everyone get across!

*The children don’t hesitate to trek across the bridge. Chomper hastily once across, while Cera follows close behind with Petrie riding along her back. However, as she looks down, she pauses a bit and starts crossing slowly her fear of heights shown across her face. As Logan manages to reduce some of the lava to molten rock, the rest spills down the ravine while Cera continues to cross. Suddenly, the roots start to shake loose from the ground and Cera nearly loses her balance, screaming in fright. Cera manages to grab onto the log and pull herself off as the lava pours to the surface below. Finally, Cera manages to get herself & Petrie across rejoining the others. Littlefoot looks over to see only four figures, minus the thieves, still on the other hand: Logan; who was still freezing the lava, Popeye; who kept the thieves occupied with his punches, and Ducky & Spike; the last children still yet to cross.*

Logan: *Ceases the Blizzard spell* That should be enough. *Heads for the log, turns back to Popeye* Popeye, come on!

*Popeye was literally butting Ozzy & Strut’s heads against each other when he heard Logan call. He releases the brothers, who slumped to the ground & groaned in pain but obviously still alive.*

Popeye: Boy, arr tay gonna be sore in da mornin’!

*Popeye rushes off to join up with Logan, who’s already halfway across. As the two make their way over the log, Littlefoot calls out to Ducky & Spike.*

Littlefoot: Ducky, Spike! Come on!

Ducky: *Nervously* Spike, I am afraid.

*Spike, somehow understanding Ducky’s concern, lifts her onto his back with his jaws. As Ducky rides along Spike, he slowly makes his way along the log just as the lava managed to reach the end.*

Littlefoot: You can do it!

Johnny: Hurry!

*Finally, as Spike carried Ducky to safety, the two brothers recovered quick enough to see the children & the others make their escape. Strut attempts to break for the log, when Ozzy holds him back.*

Ozzy: *To Strut* I’m first! I’m always first!

*Ozzy makes a run across the log, when he feels the bridge start to tip. He turns around and to his horror, the lava made contact with the end of the tree slowly bursting it into flames. The group could only watch as the flames rapidly approach Ozzy, who tried to run.*

Johnny: *Waves a hand* Happy landings!

*All at once, the flames sent the tree tumbling to the bottom of the ravine, Ozzy’s screams echo as his brother watches him fall.*

Strut: *Calls out* Ozzy, wait for me!

*Strut makes a daring leap to regroup with his brother, screaming at the top of his lungs until his echo fades while the lava continues to spill along the ravine. The group look down to see if the Struthiomimus made it, but the smoke bellowing from the lava made it difficult to see.*

Bonnie: Oh my god, are they dead?!

Troy: Oh, I hope not! *Calls down* Ozzy! Strut!!

Loki: *Growls, translates* You sure get soft around those two, don’t you?

Troy: They may be dirty, rotten thieves but even they don’t deserve this! *Pause* Well, maybe Ozzy, but DEFINITELY not Strut! *Calms down* GUYS!!!!

Justin: *Holds Troy back* Forget it, Troy. They’re gone.

Troy: No… Oh no.

Johnny: Huh… Suddenly I’m starting to miss my two favorite comic relief villains in this world.

Cera: *Looks down* If this were a game, I’d never want to play it again.

Troy: *To Cera* You’re completely heartless!

*Suddenly, a pair of roars caused the group to turn & what they saw before them made them gasp. Looming above them, standing taller than the highest mountain was a pair of fierce-looking Tyrannosaurs or as the kids called them ‘Sharpteeth’.*
Logan's Adventures in TLBT II: TGVA Ch 7
Logan's Adventures in The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure
A Crossover Script/FanFic
Written by:
Bryce “The Wrestlemaniac” Kanyon & Logan "Hewylewis" Ridenbaugh

Logan introduces his crew to an old friend, Littlefoot, along with his friends, who have since been in search of some adventure in their safe and peaceful valley and have made themselves a hideaway. One night, they spot two thieves in action, stealing an egg from one of their broods. They chase them down and manage to recover the egg without its parents noticing, but in the process, accidentally create an opening into the valley, allowing in two dreaded Sharpteeth. Now, everyone must fight them off together to preserve their peaceful way of life. Even worse, Logan and Littlefoot take roles as parents after taking a Sharptooth egg.

Note: We do not own any of the characters featured in the story (Except for OCs).

Note 2: Enjoy!

Chapter Six

*Little did Logan and the other kids know, but while they were searching for Chomper, the Struthiomimus duo was no pair to go down so easily. Somehow, Ozzy and Strut were able to scale the Cliffside of which they fell, with Ozzy climbing the walls while his brother held on by his tail. By the time they reached the top, vines and bruises covered their bodies while Strut’s tongue dangled loose following their plunge. Otherwise, these two were lucky to be alive.*

Ozzy: Next time, we look before we leap.

Strut: You think the Sharptooth finished those kids off, Ozzy?

Ozzy: I hope so. Now let’s get ourselves an egg, and eat!

*With hope that the ‘sharptooth’ did the dirty job in disposing the meddling kids and their friends, Ozzy and Strut ran down the hill in search for their next meal. Neither one paying heed to the fiery smoke bellowing from the mountain ahead of them, a sign that something was about to happen.*


*Deep within the woods, Logan, Littlefoot, and their friends had been searching for their little friend, Chomper, who had since been missing ever since that incident by the mountain. Though neither one could imagine how long they have been searching nor what hour of the day it was, the group started to get very tired after so much time walking and calling out for Chomper. But even so, Littlefoot and Logan were not willing to give up.*

Littlefoot: *Calls out* Chomper?

Cera: *Calls out* Where are you?

Petrie: *Calls out* Chomper?

Bonnie: *Calls out* Chomper, its Mommy! Where are you, baby?

Isaac: *Shakes his head, to himself* Ugh, not this again…

Ducky: *Drowsily* I am tired. I am. I am.

Johnny: *Sighs* Ooooh boy. Guys, I don’t think I want to walk anymore. Can we take a break?

Littlefoot: *To Johnny* We can’t stop, Johnny, not until we find Chomper.

Petrie: *Panting* Maybe we stop, Chomper find us.

Popeye: Tis knots a terriba ideas.

Cera: Well, I really don’t care if we find him or not!

Bonnie: How can you say such mean things?! Chomper could die out here!

Cera: *Stubbornly* Then that’s ONE less Sharptooth to worry about.

Troy: *Growls in anger* Listen here, you little--!!

Isaac: *Holds Troy back* Hey, whoa! Easy dude! She’s just a kid!

Logan: Everyone just calm down! Look, we’re all ‘very’ stressed out trying to find Chomper! But every second we delay our search only adds to the chance that Chomper gets hurt! But I’m not going to just sit here and wait for something to happen to him! I’m going to find Chomper, even if it takes all night! Anyone who wants to leave can just go home right now! *Walks away*

Littlefoot: *Glares at Cera* No one’s making you come, Cera. *Follows Logan*

Cera: *Sniffs contemptuously* Humph!

Troy: I do NOT like that girl. I really don’t!

Justin: Trust me, Troy. There are worse when it comes to stubbornness.

Troy: Racism is more like it.

Johnny: I hear she gets it from her dad.

Troy: I wouldn’t be surprised.

*As Troy continues walking, he pulls out a wooden smoking pipe from his shirt pocket. Several eyes turn to Troy, as he lifts it to his lips.*

Justin: Is that a pipe?

Troy: It is.

Johnny: Dude, I didn’t know dinosaurs could smoke!

Logan: *Turns back, sees Troy with his pipe* Huh?

Troy: They don’t, just me. It helps me to relax when I’m under a lot of stress or I simply need a distraction. And the best part…

*Blows through the pipe, bubbles come out*

Troy: *Sighs* I don’t have to worry about lung cancer or ruin my charming good looks! And besides, tobacco hasn’t evolved in this period.

Logan: Okay, that’s it. *Stops in his tracks* Troy, I think it’s about time you gave us some answers.

Isaac: Logan’s right. I mean, I know scientists said that Troodons were the smartest dinosaurs to exist, but the average intelligence of one was thought to have been no smarter than a possum! Your intelligence, however, puts the Velociraptors from Jurassic Park to shame! And not even they were scientifically accurate!!

Troy: So I’m smarter than the average dinosaur. So what? Now can we move on?

Bonnie: A dinosaur that talks, wears clothes, smokes a pipe, and knows about animals that haven’t even evolved yet!

Troy: What do you want from me? A cookie?

Logan: We want the truth, Troy! What are you? Why are you so smart? And why are you deliberately avoiding all our questions?!

Troy: Maybe I’m just one of the lucky few Troodons in the world who don’t have to go through the same song-and-dance. Maybe I’m just a guy who’s lucky that he appreciates his gift enough to share it to his own time. And ‘maybe’ some Troodons haven’t been fed box upon box of Brain Grain cereal just so all the Dinosaurs can stop treating us like bloodthirsty monsters!!! *Eyes widen, covers his mouth* … Oops.

Justin: *Raises an eyebrow* Brain… Grain?

Johnny: Cereal?

Troy: *Pause* You do realize I talk too much, right?

Isaac: *Eyes widen* Of course! It all makes sense!! You’re one of Captain New-Eye’s experiments!

Troy: I am NOT an EXPERIMENT!!! It was just dumb luck that they happen to chose me.

Logan: Whoa, whoa, wait a minute! Hold it!! What’s Brain Grain cereal? And who’s this Captain New-eye?

Isaac: Only one of the most brilliant scientific inventive geniuses in the far distant future! He’s the guy who made the Brain Grain cereal in order to boost I.Q.’s through the roof! How else do you explain the Macy’s Day Parade incident in 1993?

Logan: Um… What?

Isaac: Oh, right. Different world… Never mind.

Troy: So now you know the little Troodon’s dirty little secret. Are we now going to cast me out into the wild too?

Bonnie: Maybe YOU should tell us the story, Troy.

Troy: *Sighs* Alright, may as well.

*As the Trimaxian Adventure Group and the kids gathered around, whilst Cera mostly kept to herself, Troy nestled back along a tree sitting comfortably. As he breathes through his pipe, watching the bubbles float above the sky, he reflects his past.*

Troy: It all started a long, long time ago…

*As if the bubble served as a gateway to the depths of time and space, Troy reflects on his time in the valley years before meeting either group. At that time, he appears no different as he was today except for the lack of clothes. Out in the fields, scurrying along the grass and sniffing the air for a scent, he scoured through the Great Valley on a lonely vigil. For Troy, as it seemed, was the only Dinosaur in the Valley.*

Troy: *Narrates* Once, I was merely a simple minded Troodon having found the Great Valley and made myself at home. To me, it was no different in the jungle world: Scurrying the grounds hunting for food, wherever and whenever I’d come about, and constantly surviving every which way possible.

*Suddenly, a shadow soars past the Troodon, drawing its attention to the air sniffing rapidly for a scent. Turning his head every which way, he turns to see a strange creature of sorts flying in the sky. Flapping its wings supporting its large structure, it was a creature of which the Troodon had never seen before. As it made its way to land, curiosity drove the Troodon to rapidly approach this strange being for a further look.*

Troy: *Narrates* It came out of nowhere, this incredible thing. And being a Troodon of very little brain, I decided to investigate this strange creature.*

*Once Troy got close enough to the craft, he stopped as this large object seemed to open its jaws. And then suddenly, a strange group of scientists emerged as if they floating to the ground. They appeared to wear a remarkable coating that hid their skins, with marks he could not comprehend. And among them stood their leader, an older figure with a small path of white hair that matched the mustache that covered the top of his lips. Troy twitched his head at the sight of these creatures, as he steadily approached them.*

Troy: *Narrates* At first, I had no idea what to think of them. To me, they seemed like a new food source or at least my definition of edible.

Moustached Man: *Kneels down, holds out his hand* Come here. Come here, little fella. I won’t hurt you.

*The creature eyed the extended gesture toward him, uncertain what to make of it. A series of chirps and clicks escaped Troy’s lips as he slowly approached the figure, pausing every couple steps. Till his beak was just inches from the man’s hand, it sniffed around the palm trying to find something. The man’s hand gave off an unfamiliar scent toward the creature, which only stemmed its curiosity further.*

Moustached Man: *Pets Troy’s mane* Easy, now. Easy…

*It gave off a sound upon the contact and yet seeing as how this creature meant the Troodon no harm, it paused as he felt the hand soothingly stroked its mane. And then its eyes turned toward the rapid moving of a much smaller creature, a tiny green creature with the most unusual wings and garbs as strange as the bipedal figure. It gave off a cry towards the being, backing away with a set of clicks.*

Mustached Man: Now, now! There’s no need for that. Vorb won’t hurt you, he’s a friend.

Vorb: That’s the truth! We would hate to scare off a potential customer!

*The Troodon arched its neck from one side to the other, first facing the man and then the little green creature. It seemed unable to comprehend what they were saying and simply stood in place uncertain what to do.*

Mustached Man: I think I have something that will help you understand.

*The strange creature called ‘man’ arched a hand towards a fellow scientist, whose face remains in a constant silhouette. The creature stands watch as the creature hands the leader a strange box with markings just as strange as the ones among their coats. Giving a silent nod in thanks, the old man tilts the open box till bits of strange rocks fall into his palm. Pausing and seeing a good amount, he arches his right hand, the palm filled with the bits, leaning towards the Troodon, who sniffs them cautiously it’s eyes never leaving the man.*

*Quick as a flash, it snapped its beak on one of the bits rapidly clicking the object till it was small enough to pass down its throat. Intrigued by its taste, with a sudden craving for more, it pecked rapidly along the remainder of the bits, stopping only to munch a mouth full before repeating its rapid eating.*

Mustached Man: *Chuckles* Hungry fellow, aren't you?

*Having eaten the last bits of the cereal, the Troodon had just finished eating and proceeded to scrape the crumbs off his face. And whichever didn't fall to the ground, he licked from the talons. But suddenly, he paused and felt something churn inside him. All at once, his head began to bounce as if he was struck with a brick. It groaned a bit, before his eyes popped open at times, his jaw twitched, and he rapidly leaned his head so quick his neck cracked.*

Troodon: Interesting... I've detected a distinguishing combination of rice, wheat gluten, sugar, defatted wheat germ, along with 2% salt, malt flavor, calcium caseinate and a dash of nutty-nut... *Pause* What just came out of my mouth?!

Troy: *Narrates* Now you wouldn't believe it if I told you, that I could unleash a vast collection of intellect enough to fill a whole Dictionary! From that day on, I had made an incredible discovery: Not only have I gained a vast number of knowledge through this cereal, but I have become... Intelligent!

*A flash forward depicts Troy rapidly stacking, unstacking, and even spreading out numerous red cups along a table, his rapid speed observed by Captain New-Eye, Vorp and the other scientists. As they took notes, New Eye observed how quick Troy was able to adapt as an assistant added a new cup per each unstacking.*

Troy: *Narrates* By then, I became well acquainted with New Eye and his crew. Yet I soon learned quickly they wanted more than for me to comprehend an insane amount of words. They began running a series of tests, each determining how their Brain Grain products not only affected my mentally, but physically.

*At one point, Troy was rapidly spinning the squares off a Rubix Cube trying to match the colors on the right side. Yet, he wasn't so much paying attention to the cube itself. Instead, he focused mostly on the table chat with New-Eye and his crew. While Vorp buzzed around from one to the other, the crew of this vessel was busily laughing, chatting, throwing words here and there. It was all fascinated to listen, as sometimes in between Troy mouthed the words silently trying to comprehend them in his head.*

Troy: *Narrates* There was something remarkable about these humans that not even I could explain it. And yet often I wonder: Of all the Dinosaurs in the world, why would New-Eye start with me? What was it? I had gained so much knowledge, yet I hardly thought it was taking me anywhere.

*Seconds later, Troy slammed the cube onto the table where all the sides had a complete match of colors each and all that without even having to look.*

Captain Neweyes: *Chuckles* Well done, Troy. *Turns to Vorp* What's his time, Vorp?

Vorp: By my calculations, Captain, that beats his previous record by 5.3 seconds!

Troy: Hmm... *Examines the cube* A few quicker turns and slight adjustments with the cube, I would've made it to 3.

Captain Neweyes: You've come a long way since our first encounter, Troy. Now I think you're ready for my ultimate project.

Troy: *Turns to Neweyes* Sir?

Captain Neweyes: Come with me. I want to show you something.

*Confused at first, Troy followed Captain Neweyes down the deck leaving Vorp to clear the Rubix Cube off the table. Together, they step into a lift, which drifts upward for a few seconds before eventually stopping on one of the upper levels of the deck. As Neweyes walks ahead, Troy takes a moment to glance around at his new surroundings. They appeared to be in a nursery of sorts, where flora hung and grew along the space, freshly sprayed with dew from the water system. They walk onward until they reach a curtain, which appears to cover something of vast importance.*

Captain Neweyes: As you see, Troy, this is only the beginning. Now that I know my Brain Grain cereal works on smaller dinosaurs, I wish to test it on more ‘bigger’ dinosaurs. Just as I have given you, I hope to offer these extraordinary creatures the gift of intelligence and speech.

Troy: So… I-I’m just an experiment.

Captain Neweyes: Oh no, no, Troy!

Troy: Then, why me? Of all the lifeforms on this Earth to offer a ceral to boost intelligence, why did you pick us?

Captain Neweyes: *Smiles* Because I’m trying to give something back… To the children.

Troy: Sir?

*Seeing that the little Troodon still needed convincing, Captain Neweyes motions a hand towards the curtain, which opens as if automatically. Before his eyes, the artifact that the Captain kept hidden was revealed. By its common place appearance, it looked to be a mere old-fashioned radio, the type that takes a twist of a knob along the middle to adjust to a certain station.*

Troy: You’ve invented a radio? No offense, sir, but I’ve been studying countless books on radioware over the years. It seems everyone has one of these.

Captain Neweyes: Oh, but this isn't just "any" radio, Troy. 'This' is my crowning achievement, my greatest invention since Brain Grain cereal and this time machine. It’s a Wish Radio.

Troy: A ‘Wish’ Radio?

Captain Neweyes: You see, Troy, I've made a fortune out of my cereal, and now that I'm getting on my Golden years, I'm trying to make a few wishes come true. And with this radio that I've invented, I can do just that. It allows me to hear what people are wishing for, especially children, because they wish the loudest. As for what this has to do with you, well… I'm sure you know by now that in the future, dinosaurs have unfortunately become extinct.

Troy: *Pause* I always hated reading about our fate from the reports. Some say it will be a meteor, others say it’s a drought or an ice age. Different stories… But they all have the same ending.  

Captain Neweyes: Well, that's why I am here. You see, the children from one particular time period, having seen their fossil remains in museums, played with their toys, and watched several of their movies, miss the dinosaurs and wish to see them. It's the loudest wish I've ever received. I've come back to the Mesozoic era to grant a special selection of dinosaurs both intelligence and speech so you can make up your own minds.

Troy: And I’m expected to return to this time period with you? To tell them about my life in this era, how different my home is compared to theirs? That is if they don’t start screaming and running at first sight.

Captain Neweyes: It is your choice to come, if you wish to. You can stay here and remain with your fellow brethren, with knowledge that will forever expand far beyond measure of understanding. Or you can meet those kids yourself, children who will adore you for years. In the end, it's up to you.

*Troy stood silently for a moment, weighing the choices that have been given to him. On one hand, if he were to go to the present, he would escape the fate that will befall his brethren. He could live on forever, sharing his knowledge to the good people of the future and represent a significant cause for the new generation. But on the other, what of the others who will be denied this privilege? What would they have to look forward to should they be denied this once in a lifetime opportunity? In that moment, Troy knew what he had to do.*

Troy: *Pause* You.

*Captain Neweyes raised a brow, as if intrigued with Troy’s decision. But to his surprise, the Troodon wasn’t finished.*

Troy: Thank you, for the offer I mean. But… *Turns away* I’ll have to pass.

Captain Neweyes: Would you care to explain?

Troy: It’s just… The Great Valley is my home now, and some day, other dinosaurs will come to this Valley seeking a home of their own. And yet, this is an incredible opportunity you’re giving to me. An opportunity which is only going to happen for me and a handful of other Dinosaurs, all of them eager to meet those kids, I’m sure. *Pause* What about the others? The ones that won’t ever get to meet them? They’re all going to be doomed to die regardless which theory is true and all of them are going to miss out on what the future could’ve held for them. I can’t ask you to give your product to an entire population… But maybe, there’s something ‘I’ can give them.

Captain Neweyes: Hmm…

Troy: My knowledge and wisdom may not be able to prevent how their lives will end. But maybe, as they settle in the Valley, I can use my new brains to help them start out. To advise them on how to better handle the land, with techniques done in a way that their lives will be longer and prosperous. To have someone to tell them a story of a world so fantastic it will be as if they are already there. Because this Valley is where I belong, I can't see myself living anywhere else.

Captain Neweyes: Is that what you wish?

Troy: *Nods* Yes sir. I wish to spread my knowledge in the Valley, my home.

Captain Neweyes: *Smiles* Your wish is my command.

*After all had been settled, the podbay doors to Neweye’s ship opened and Troy set his foot on the familiar grass rustling against his feet. He slowly walks away from the ship and turns around to see it slowly ascend into the sky. He stands there in that moment; the Troodon’s eyes meet with Neweyes himself who watches him from the windows looking over the Great Valley. Vorp flies around Neweye, who never takes his eyes off his newfound friend.*

Vorp: A shame he refused your generous offer, sir. He would’ve been rather famous in the future.

Captain Neweyes: Troy has shared with me wisdom far beyond the years of man; he has given his case to stay with hope that these creatures will prove as wise as him. And so it is here he will stay, the smartest Dinosaur to ever walk the Great Valley. *Turns to Vorp* And that’s the way it is.


*Following an incredibly long backstory, the story shifts to the present just as Troy finished the tale to a rather astounded group. All of them, from The Trimaxian Adventure Crew to some of the Dinosaur kids, course Spike lost interest in between after munching a couple leaves from a bush. But even so, most of them found the story rather intriguing.*

Troy: *Concludes* And that’s how it all happened. I’ve made this Valley my home and offered my knowledge to any who cared to listen since.

Justin: It was you, wasn’t it? You’re the one who gave us the vine to save Littlefoot and the others from the quicksand.

Troy: *Shrugs* Guilty as charged.

Logan: Thank you.

Troy: Thank nothing of it. I was just simply looking out for my own kind, even if most of them are herbivores. Besides, there are worse ways to leave this world… I simply didn’t want this to be the one.  

*Though as intriguing as the story was, a low grumbling noise brought the group back to reality. There was no denying how familiar it was, specifically from who and where it came from.*

Ducky: *Stomach growls hungrily* My tummy's making its hungry noise.

Petrie: My tummy talk too. *Stomach gurgles* It say, "Feed me."

Popeye: I couldst offa some spinisk, a noice cans of leaves. But, I'm afraids there won'ts be enoughs fur all.

Cera: *Stuck up* I’m hungry too! Let’s go home!

Trimaxian Adventure Crew: SHUT UP, CERA!!!

Johnny: Seriously!

Littlefoot: *Calls out* Cera! Ducky! Petrie! Spike! Everyone! Come quick!

*Suddenly, the crew & Littlefoot's friends heard the young Long-neck's cries and immediately rushed to Littlefoot, who stood watching with a nervous gaze.*

Bonnie: What is it, Littlefoot?

Littlefoot: It's Chomper! He's on the Smoking Mountain!

*Gathering beside Littlefoot, they turned toward his gaze and they saw why he was worried. In the distance, where barely any grass grew along it’s sides and towering above a set of dead trees, there stood a huge mountain with smoke and ass spewing from the top. And far along the edge of the mountain, Chomper ran along the slopes happily following a Dragonfly in an attempt to chomp it to pieces. He was blissfully unaware of the danger he was in and yet he felt this was the place where he could be himself without any creature telling him how to act. As he climbed the slope in pursuit of the bug, the smoke grew larger and menacing, raining ash mere inches from where the worried group stood.*

Isaac: You’ve got to be kidding me! A volcano?! REALLY?! First geysers, then quicksand, now a friggin’ VOLCANO?!? How the hell is this place a ‘paradise’ when there’s all these hazards around?!

Loki: *Growls, translates* Figures they wouldn't acknowledge the health hazards or else no one would think to come to the Valley.

Ducky: He could fall into the Gurgling Pit! He could!

Littlefoot: *Calls out* Come back, Chomper! It's too dangerous!

Troy: It's no use! He's too far away to hear us and judging by the activity, that volcano looks set to go off at any minute!

Logan: Then we've got to get up there and get him before that happens. Come on!

*The group makes a dash toward the fiery mountain, which steadily grew more violent with each passing second.*

Popeye: I’m sos havin’ a woirds whit ta advertisin’ teams whence tis is ovas!


*Meanwhile, on another mountain, the search for juicy eggs drove Ozzy & Strut on a daunting uphill hike. But finally, with a hungry look in their eyes, they stumbled upon a glorious treasure. A nestful of eggs, up to around ten, perched tight together on a nest along the edge of the cliff.*

Ozzy: *Slurps his lips* Ah! Lunch is served!

*Seeing no trace of any parents around, Ozzy & Strut trotted steadily until they stood over the glorious feast. They bent down to reach for their first bite of the day, when suddenly…*

Littlefoot: *Off-screen* Chomper! Come back!

*Confused, Ozzy & Strut look around only to bump each other and fall off the cliff. The two brothers barely latched onto the ledge with their claws, kicking their legs wildly as bits of the ground fell down the rocky slope. But once they heard the cries again, it dawned on the two thieves.*

Logan: We're coming, Chomper!

Ducky: Don't move, Chomper!

Strut: *To Ozzy* It's those kids and their meddling friends again, Ozzy!

Bonnie: Don't worry, Chomper! Mommy's coming!

Johnny: So for the love of Don Bluth, DON'T MOVE!

Ozzy: *To Strut* If they scream any louder, they’re gonna give us away!

*Suddenly, a loud screech caused the duo to turn toward the sky and when they saw what was approaching them, a gasp escaped their lips. There above the sky was a Pterodactyl, the mother or father, a small yet fierce looking creature with features mostly brown, with a white puff collar and light tan beak. It was just returning from a long flight when it spied the two Struthiomimus dangling on the edge of the cliff, right near its eggs. Upon seeing the two thieves, it screeched angrily.*

*Ozzy & Strut screamed, realizing that they’ve both been caught. They desperately climbed back along the mountain and dashed away from the nest, as the Pterodactyl pursued the frightened brothers. They screamed and babbled words to each other, neither one wanting to get pecked to death by the angry parent. Yelling like mad, they came upon a tiny cave and tried to squeeze their way inside, the two brothers desperately entering the cave at the same time. But finally they managed to push their way inside, just as the Pterodactyl soared past them and returned to the skies satisfied.*

*And yet, while they were both relieved to have escaped the Pterodactly’s wrath, the fact remained: Their lunch had been cancelled thanks to the Trimaxian Adventure Crew and the children. Their eyes glowing in the darkness, Ozzy’s in anger while Strut retained his same expression, they now found a new purpose in their lives.*

Ozzy: Those fools have ruined our lunch for the last time.
Logan's Adventures in TLBT II: TGVA Ch 6
Logan's Adventures in The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure
A Crossover Script/FanFic
Written by:
Bryce “The Wrestlemaniac” Kanyon & Logan "Hewylewis" Ridenbaugh

Logan introduces his crew to an old friend, Littlefoot, along with his friends, who have since been in search of some adventure in their safe and peaceful valley and have made themselves a hideaway. One night, they spot two thieves in action, stealing an egg from one of their broods. They chase them down and manage to recover the egg without its parents noticing, but in the process, accidentally create an opening into the valley, allowing in two dreaded Sharpteeth. Now, everyone must fight them off together to preserve their peaceful way of life. Even worse, Logan and Littlefoot take roles as parents after taking a Sharptooth egg.

Note: We do not own any of the characters featured in the story (Except for OCs).

Note 2: Enjoy!

Good morning DeviantArt fanatics,
As you can tell by the title of today's journal, I am in the midst of preparing for my trip to Megacon 2015, which (To those who don't know) will be held at the Orange County Convention Center this weekend. The plan is simple: We leave sometime this afternoon to check into our hotel which should be where the convention will take place. Then a whole day, Saturday, will be spent at the Convention itself where I'm sure there will be so much to do. Lots of cosplay people, neat stuff to look at, panels to check out, and with any luck I might be coming home with a few signatures or two. A good thing indeed that I am bringing some cash with me just for this trip, in the likely event there may be some things to purchase as souvenirs when I get there.

At this time, I don't know for certain as to who is going to be there as well (Though a certain artist I've followed on Deviantart will be attending). I know for certain that a bunch of celebs will be at this con, among them the master of comic books himself, Stan Lee. It will be nice to take part in this trip just to get away from some pressure I have been having these past few weeks: Among which the stress of my two jobs, forum related material... AND THAT ONLINE STALKER WHO WILL NOT LEAVE ME ALONE, WHO KEEPS SENDING ALL HIS FRIENDS TRYING TO CONVINCE ME TO UNBLOCK HIM, EVEN THOUGH I MADE IT VERY CLEAR THAT WHAT WE HAD IS NEVER GOING TO WORK AND I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM ANYMORE... ARGH!!!!

*Takes a deep breath*

As you can see, I've been holding in a ton of issues that I have been trying to get over for quite some time. So even though this trip is only just for this entire weekend, what I have been needing for quite some time is a nice little vacation and be in my own little element in that temporary period of time. I just know that this year's con is going to be quite an experience with some good memories to carry back. Much like a previous con I went to in Miami, the fateful day where I met Lion-O himself, Larry Kenney, who I have kept in contact with ever since. But not to worry, when I get back expect some more incredible work from me than before. Whether it's one of my own crossovers or work with some of my friends, I know for certain that they are all going to be worth the wait.

So until I get back from my trip, this is Bryce 'The Wrestlemaniac' Kanyon... Signing off!


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