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*Sometime later, the trimaxian a.k.a. Max sat perched on a hilltop far from most of its inhabitants. Most of the team prepared to board as they made way to embark on their next big adventure. Logan was just about to enter next, until...*

???: *Shouts* LOGAN!!!

*A familiar shout caused Logan to turn around. Huffing and puffing, Troy Troodon had finally caught up just before Max was set to depart.*

Troy: Hold it! Hold it! Phew... Just a minute! *Takes a few deep breathes* That's my workout for the day.

Logan: Hey, Troy. What's up?

Troy: When I heard that you & the gang were about to embark on a trip, I came as fast as I could. It didn't seem appropriate to allow you to leave without a proper farewell. You know since you'll be moving on, hitting the road, adios, au revoire, auf wiedersehen, and all that jazz.

Logan: Well, first we need to drop Johnny back off at the Lionking Heart Fantasy Films Studio, but yeah, plenty more adventures after that.

Troy: Shakes Logan's hand Well sir, I do wish you the best of luck on your buddy-comedy travels. I'm sure it'll be fun traveling with some of your friends being the good natured goofballs that get the larger fanbase and the naurotic hard workers that ultimately botch in their endeavors. You'd laugh and one of you would be like 'Aw, here it goes'. Not to mention the situational comedy... *Pause* Have a nice trip!

Logan: Hey, Troy?

Troy: What? Was I talking too much again?

Logan: No... How would you like to join the crew?

Troy: *Pause* Really?

Logan: Always looking for new members. And I think you've proven yourself.

*Troy pauses for a moment, holds a single finger as if saying, 'Hold on'. Putting a claw through his coat pocket, he of course pulls out his signature pipe and blows a few bubbles out as Logan awaits for an answer. Finally, he takes the pipe out of his mouth, places it in his pocket, and turns with a rather casual expression on his face.*

Troy: *Simply* I accept.

Logan: *Smiles, salutes* Welcome to the Trimaxian Adventure Crew, Troy.

*Logan soon leads Troy into the ship, following the remaining members close behind. En route, Troy seemed to remain casual following his friends. But on noticing that he was the last to enter, with Logan just heading inside, Troy silently throws a single fist into the air as if he was no longer able to contain the excitement. Once he finally entered, the door dissolved until it formed the wall once again.*

Troy: Amazing… I can't believe I'm standing inside an actual Trimaxion Drone Ship!

Logan: You know what kind of ship this is?

Troy: Oh, yes. Captain Neweyes always spoke about the planet Phaelon, but I never thought I’d actually get to see one of their spacecrafts in person!

*Only then, did Max's headlike form appear right before Troy's astounded expression.*

Max: Greetings, sir. Welcome aboard the Trimaxian Drone Ship, but do feel free to call me Max.

Troy: Uh... T-Thank you... Max.

Logan: *Assuring* Don't worry, pal. I felt the same way in our first meeting. *To Max* Max, I’d like you to meet Troy Troodon, our new Science Officer.

Troy: Science Officer? Me?

Loki: *Growls, translates* Better than being the Red Shirt guy that dies in every space voyage known to man.

Isaac: *Glares at Loki, turns to Troy* Trust us. It fits you like a glove.

Johnny: It kind've bites that this experience was shortlived. *Displays the camcorder* But on the other hand, Leo is actually going to be pleased I brought this along for the ride. This'll make some great home movies for the kids, what with Christmas Eve just around the corner...

Isaac: Wait, what?!

Logan: It's Christmas Eve?

Justin: Wow... Time sure flies, doesn't it?

Johnny: You guys could seriously use a clock on this ship. *Takes out a calendar from beneath his coat* Or you can always have one of these next time.

Popeye: Hoo boy, and here I am, withouts a presink for Olive Oyl!!

Justin: From what you've told us about your lady friend, I'd hate to be in your place either.

Bonnie: Oh dear... What do we do about this?

Logan: Not to worry, guys. I might have a plan that just might work!

Loki: *Growls, translates* Oh joy, more 'misadventures'.

Isaac: 'Adventures', is what he totally meant.

Logan: *Turns to Max* Max, after we've dropped Johnny off at the studio, I’ll send you the coordinates to our latest destination. If my plan works, this'll solve our entire dilemma.

Max: Compliance.

*On command, the Trimaxian propelled off the surface ascending into the clear skies above them. Then in a flash of light, the ship zoomed deep into the horizon disappearing from sight as the Trimaxian Adventure Crew set forth for their next big adventure.*
Logan's Adventures in TLBT II: TGVA Epilogue
Logan's Adventures in The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure
A Crossover Script/FanFic
Written by:
Bryce “The Wrestlemaniac” Kanyon & Logan "Hewylewis" Ridenbaugh

Logan introduces his crew to an old friend, Littlefoot, along with his friends, who have since been in search of some adventure in their safe and peaceful valley and have made themselves a hideaway. One night, they spot two thieves in action, stealing an egg from one of their broods. They chase them down and manage to recover the egg without its parents noticing, but in the process, accidentally create an opening into the valley, allowing in two dreaded Sharpteeth. Now, everyone must fight them off together to preserve their peaceful way of life. Even worse, Logan and Littlefoot take roles as parents after taking a Sharptooth egg.

Note: We do not own any of the characters featured in the story (Except for OCs).

Note 2: Enjoy!

"'Dragon's Lair', the fantasy adventure of a valiant knight on a quest to rescue the fair princess from the clutches of an evil dragon."

We've all heard this story before, many generations before Kindles and the Book aps on cell phones nearly put actual books off the map. But back in the 1980s, when animator and director Don Bluth was at the top of his prime with some of his best selling movies he soon brought to life one of the most epic arcade games in the history of mankind. 30 years since the release, 'Dragon's Lair' continues to be praised by millions of fans worldwide. An impact that generated a sequel, a spin-off, a television series, and even an updated video game for the PS2 (Though I'm sure it was on other consoles). But the one request fans have made over and over and over is plain and simple: When will it actually become a movie?

Back then, players used to control the actions of the daring adventurer while helping him find his way through the castle of a dark wizard (Most likely the Dragon) who has since enchanted the palace with monsters and various obstacles. For within the mysterious caverns below said castle, the odyssey continues against the forces that would oppose the brave knight's efforts to reach the Dragon's Lair.

But now as of today, an opportunity has come for audiences worldwide to take part in a kickstarter to help turn this dream project into a reality. We know there are fans out there waiting for that opportunity to contribute in any way they can and with 30 days to spare there is still a chance for audiences of many kinds (Those who grew up with the franchise and those introduced) to see this fantasy come to life. For the possibilities of this story are endless: A chance to explore more of the story, to develop the characters in ways we never imagined, with twists and turns at every corner, and the opportunity to put Don Bluth back on the animation map!

So follow this link below fellow adventurers, your quest to donate... Begins!!!…
Chapter Nine

*Deep in the heart of the Valley’s forest, a series of tremors shook the ground and the two Sharpteeth were seen prowling through the trees. For what was feared was true: Though they lost against the Valley’s herd, they never left. There they were on the prowl in search of their long lost child. No matter what it took for either the mother or the father, no matter what measures they’d take or who they’d have to kill for him, neither creature had any plans to leave until they reclaim what was rightfully theres.*

*Speaking of which, Chomper himself had unknowingly passed the two Sharpteeth in his lonely expedition. He heard the tremors, but it merely confused him as he wondered where they were coming from or if those monsters he encountered were close. He started to look around, sensing that something was coming and the frightened little Sharptooth prepared for the worse. All of a sudden, a familiar face popped his head from the bush: Littlefoot.*

Littlefoot: *Happily* Chomper. Am I glad I found you!

*Happy to see his friend again, Chomper happily licked Littlefoot’s face, which tickled upon contact.*

Littlefoot: *Giggling* No biting, okay?

*ROAR!!! All at once, their happy reunion was cut short as a mighty roar caused Littlefoot & Chomper to turn in horror. Looming over the children, the two Sharpteeth had found them in their tracks and they were mad.*

Littlefoot: *Shouts* Run!

*Littlefoot & Chomper took off as fast as their legs could carry them, as the Sharpteeth crashed through the trees determined to catch them. Try as they might, no matter how fast they ran, the two could hear their roars drawing closer and closer. But still, they would not allow themselves to be made a snack after everything they went through.*

Littlefoot: Faster, Chomper!

*Meanwhile, in another part of the forest, Logan and Bonnie were running as fast as they could to try and find Littlefoot and Chomper, when they heard a familiar cry, followed by a terrifying roar.*

Bonnie: *Gasps* Littlefoot! Chomper!

Logan: I knew those beasts never left the Valley! Come on!

*Meanwhile, as Logan & Bonnie picked up the pace, Chomper & Littlefoot approached a fallen tree which now became a bridge. They crossed the tree, over a slight drop below and took off for safety just on the other side. Suddenly, the bark crumbled beneath Littlefoot’s feet and Chomper turned around after seeing his friend fall into the log. Though unhurt, Littlefoot found himself stuck inside the tree unable to lift one foot out of a hole. Chomper came back hoping his friend was okay, but stood helplessly wondering what he could do.*

Littlefoot: Go on, Chomper! Save yourself!

*But it was all too late. The Sharpteeth had successfully caught the two children, with Littlefoot’s foot hanging out of the tree and Chomper standing by eying the creatures looming before him.*

Logan’s Voice: Littlefoot!!

*All at once, Logan and Bonnie suddenly appeared from the opposite end of the log. As they cautiously approached Chomper, Bonnie looked down and saw his friend’s predicament.*

Bonnie: Are you okay, Littlefoot?

Littlefoot: Bonnie! Logan!

Bonnie: Don’t worry, everything’s going to be fine.

Logan: Chomper, come here, boy! *Lifts Chomper in his hands, holds him up*

Chomper: Huh?

Littlefoot: Logan, no! What are you doing?! Run!!

Logan: *Interrupts* It’s alright, Littlefoot… We know what they want.

*By the time the other Sharptooth arrived, Logan had Chomper in his grasp and stared down at the fierce beasts, as both Bonnie and Littlefoot looked on with concern. Logan braced himself for whatever move might get them killed, so he proceeded with caution.*

Logan: Well, uh… Hello.

*In response, the Sharpteeth erupted in roars. Clearly these beasts were trying to communicate, though it didn’t make sense toward most of them. Still, Logan continued.*

Logan: I... I think this... belongs to you. *Holds up Chomper*

*The two Sharpteeth eyed them suspiciously, growls escaped their lips as they wondered what this strange creature was telling them.*

Logan: We're sorry. It... It was an accident; we didn't know the egg was yours. Don't worry, he's perfectly fine, I’ll prove it.

*Gently, Logan squeezes his hands around Chomper’s tummy causing the little devil to give a baby-like growl towards the beasts. All at once, the beasts stood stunned at the display and began snorting with confusion. The Golden Sharptooth slowly looms down toward Logan, as sweat slowly pours down his brow.*

Bonnie: *Worried* What are you doing?

*Littlefoot, afraid that his friends were in danger, could do nothing but watch as the beast got close.*

Littlefoot: No! Don’t!

*But to Bonnie & Littlefoot’s surprise, the beast actually licked Chomper as Logan tried to maintain a straight face, as some of the drool slid down in his hands. They looked in awe as Logan loosened his grip and allowed Chomper to hop onto the creature’s head. The baby dinosaur started chirping happily as the monsters nuzzled the child. The three friends looked on happily as the once fierce creatures transformed into a happily reunited family. For Littlefoot, a sudden realization dawned on him.*

Littlefoot: Logan, I think they’re… They’re his…

Logan & Bonnie: *In unison* Mama and papa.

Bonnie: *Silently, tears stream down her face* Yes... Yes, they are.

Logan: *To the Sharpteeth* You better get going, the Leaf eaters are about to close up the hole in the wall.

*Whether they understood what Logan said or not, all that mattered to the Sharpteeth was that they found their child at last. With no reason to stay, the beasts trudged through the forest with Chomper riding on the face of one creature, assumedly the mother. Though Bonnie & Logan were proud to reunite Chomper with his family, they couldn’t hide their sadness.*

Bonnie: Well… There he goes… Back with his own kind, as we promised.

Logan: *Nods sadly* Yes… I’m sure going to miss him. I guess we may as well return to our regular dull lives and search for meaning.

Bonnie: *To Logan* Couldn’t we just follow them and make sure they make it out okay? At least, to make sure Chomper gets home safely?

Logan: Hmm... Okay. But first...

*Logan bends down and drops himself down the hold where Littlefoot fell. Taking Turre Alka from his sheath, he pierces a few holes around the bark but carefully as to not chip Littlefoot’s feet. Once it seemed loose enough, Logan pulled his friend’s foot out and steadily helped him out of the bark.*

Logan: *To Littlefoot* Go back to your friends in the Valley, Littlefoot. Bonnie & I will go on ahead just to make sure the Sharpteeth head home.

Littlefoot: I wish I could go with you.

Logan: Believe me, so do I. But if your Grandfather discovers that you’ve run off, we’ll both be in trouble for sure. I need you to do me this favor and return to your friends, where it’s safe. *Pause* Plus… We want to make sure there are no hard feelings between us and the Sharpteeth.

Littlefoot. *Pause, nods* Okay.

Logan: We’ll be right back. I promise.

*And so the three went their separate ways, with Logan & Bonnie following the Sharpteeth toward the Great Wall while Littlefoot prepared to return to his friends. He looks back seeing the group fade in the distance and a look of sadness crosses his face as he makes his way down the log. Though it was right of him to let him go, Littlefoot had grown so attached to Chomper that the moment he disappeared he felt empty inside.*

*Sighing, Littlefoot had just hopped down the log when all of a sudden… He gasped. Leaping just in front of him, to the surprise of the young Apatosaurus, the egg thieves, Ozzy and Strut, had appeared. How they survived the fall or even escaped the lava, Littlefoot could not say. But the frightened child saw how angry the thieves were and in that moment he knew he was in big trouble.*

Ozzy: We’ve had it with you, kid! We’re getting rid of you once and for all!

*Without a word, Littlefoot pushed past the two thieves and made a dash back to his friends with the Struthiomimus in hot pursuit. Littlefoot ran as fast as he could, dashing through the trees without looking back. Suddenly, he turns around and the Struthiomimus pounce on the Apatosaur, stopping the little dinosaur in his tracks.*

Littlefoot: *Screams* Let me go!

*Before Littlefoot could continue, Ozzy and Strut wrap their claws around Littlefoot’s mouth and even his neck preventing the boy from either calling his parents or taking another step. Now with the Apatosaur in their grasp, their hour of revenge was at hand. And for once, it was Strut who had an ‘awful’ idea in mind for the little troublemaker.*

Strut: Hey, Oz, can we throw him off the Great Wall? Can we, please?

Ozzy: Why… *Impressed* Yes!


*Meanwhile, at the edge of the Valley, the Sharpteeth were approaching the area where the Great Wall fell apart with Chomper leading the way. Along the trail, Bonnie & Logan had managed to keep up with the Sharpteeth and had just concluded their apologies toward the beasts. Though they didn’t talk like the two bipedal beings, they were listening intently.*

Logan: So again, I strongly apologize for taking your egg. We weren’t thinking straight, after the whole egg stealing incident and the rock slide, honest mistake. No hard feelings, I hope.

Bonnie: *To Logan* I think they understood that the past two times you apologized.

Logan: I know... I'm starting to sound like Isaac. *Looks around* Least the adults haven’t shown up yet.

Bonnie: You think Littlefoot made it back okay? I’m starting to question whether it was a good idea to send him off by himself or not. I hope nothing happens to him.

Logan: He’ll be fine. Ozzy and Strut are gone, Chomper and his family will be back in the Mysterious Beyond, what’s there to worry about?

*Suddenly, they heard screaming echoing along the mountains as if someone was in trouble. Logan, Bonnie & Chomper recognized the scream all at once and they turned with wide eyes.*

Bonnie: Littlefoot?!

Logan: What's he doing out here? I told him to go back to the others!

Bonnie: You don't think...?

Logan: Only one way to find out. *Cocks the gun* Come on!

*Logan makes his way uphill while Bonnie follows close behind. Chomper, worried of what ill fate was made for Littlefoot, follows the duo snarling as the parents looked on. A few paces up the mountain the Struthiomimus had Littlefoot in their grasp, with Strut dangling the Apatosaur over the edge as Ozzy looked on.*

Littlefoot: Let me go, or you’ll be sorry!

Ozzy: Yes, sorry we didn't do this sooner! Say "Bye bye", Leaf-eater!

*Suddenly, the snarls of a menacing beast caused the two thieves to turn heads and pull Littlefoot back to the mountainside. Strut looked on with a hint of panic as a large shadow loomed over them. But the moment Ozzy saw it he was more annoyed than afraid.*

Strut: *Timidly* It’s… It’s…

Ozzy: *To Strut* Oh, come on! Are you falling for that shadow bit again? Look!

*The thieves including Littlefoot took a closer look and suddenly they saw through the ruse. It was indeed just Chomper, whose shadow was cast toward the thieves standing fearlessly towards his eggnappers.*

Littlefoot: Chomper!

*Chomper growls attempting to scare the thieves, but clearly this wasn’t working.*

Luttlefoot: Run!!

Strut: *Grabs Chomper’s neck* Gotchya!

Ozzy: You I liked much better as an egg!

Logan’s Voice: Put him down!!

*Littlefoot and the thieves looked to where the voice came from to see that Chomper hadn’t come alone. Mere steps behind him were Logan and Bonnie, both had their guns locked on and pointed towards the thieves.*

Logan: I said, put him down, NOW!!

Littlefoot: Logan, Bonnie!

Strut: Oh no, not them again!

Bonnie: I don’t know how in the world you two survived that fall, but you better my release my friends… Or we’ll let you have it!!

Ozzy: Don’t get any ideas, you meddlers! This time we have the odds stacked against you!

Strut: Oh yeah, th-that’s right. Come any closer, and I’ll… I, uh… *Holds Chomper the edge* I drop the kid!

Logan: Oh, I don't think mommy will be very happy with you threatening her baby like that.

Troy's voice: *Shouts* Nor would I!!

*The thieves again turn and Ozzy’s eyes glare at the sight.*

Ozzy: Troodon…

*Indeed, Troy Troodon stood looking at this scene in both shock and anger. Standing beside him was Johnny the Lion, who stood with an equally disappointed angry glare. They stood side by side in front of the remainder of the team, who stood ready to make their move.*

Troy: You know, I’d expect this desperation from you, Ozzy… *To Strut* But not from you.

Johnny: Life is so ironic, isn’t it?

Troy: When you two fell into the ravine, I thought I had lost the two best friends I had on this Valley. Captain New Eyes always taught me there was good in every creature; if given the chance, they may prove that their hearts are bigger than their instincts. *Points to Strut* But you, oh… YOU proved me wrong!

Strut: *Shocked* Troy… I-I…

Troy: Stealing eggs from the nests of innocent dinosaurs is one thing. But killing anyone that gets in your way? *Frowns* I cannot allow this to be ignored anymore.

Ozzy: And just how do you plan to stop us? Pelting us with pebbles to death? You may claim to be smarter, but that doesn’t mean you’re stronger than us.

Troy: You’re right… I don’t think I’m stronger than you.

Johnny: But… *Points to the edge* You might want to tell ‘them’ that.

*Suddenly, a pair of snarls caught the thieves’ attention.*

Ozzy: What the—

*All of a sudden, they saw Chomper’s parents charges towards them. Screaming their heads off, they released their captives and ran just as the mother took a bite off the rocky edge, crushing it to pieces. Though the thieves were higher than the beasts, whom had to jump in an attempt to snatch them in their claws, eventually the Sharpteeth made their way onto the pathway. The team could only watch as the Struthiomimus were chased away from the Great Valley as their cries faded in the distance.*

Bonnie: *Shouts* Nice to see you leave!

Logan *Shouts* And DON’T come back!!

*By then, Troy and the rest of the team approached their two team mates and the kids, the latter just recovering from a near traumatic experience.*
Popeye: *To Littlefoot* Are ye alroights Littlefoots?

Littlefoot: Yes… I’m fine.

*Littlefoot stood up on the ground and approached Chomper. Now that the worst was out of the way, there was just one problem left.*

Littlefoot: *Sighs* Come on, guys. Let’s go.

*They walked down the path leading to the opening where the wall stood. Along the way, they had one last glance at Ozzy and Strut, who ran and screamed with the Sharpteeth in hot pursuit. The last they saw of them was the four creatures running downhill, hoping to never see or hear from the Eggnappers ever again.*

Justin: *Approaching the others* Think those two can outrun those Sharpteeth?

Isaac: Eh, I’m sure they can… If they don’t stop, that is.

Bonnie: How did you get here so, fast?

Ducky’s Mom’s Voice: Hurry!

*All at once, as if the answer came in that form, the call caused the group to turn around and saw all the adults of Valley gathered by the path’s opening.*

Grandpa Longneck: The opening! We must close it!

Littlefoot: *To Chomper* Come on, Chomper.

Popeye: *To Chomper* He’s roight. We gotta catch up to mama and papa.

*However, Chomper seemed hesitant about leaving. On one hand, Chomper did not wish to be seen by the parents and be given the wrong impression. But on the other, he was afraid that if he returned with his family to the Mysterious Beyond he’d never see his friends again. Unfortunately, time was not on their side.*

Littlefoot: They're going to close up the opening, Chomper. You have to go now.

*Gripping Chomper by the tail, Littlefoot carried the baby Sharpteeth toward the foot of the pathway that would lead him to his home far from the Valley. Gently laying him down, Littlefoot lightly pushed Chomper urging him to go. But the little fella merely chirped and shook his head sadly, as if he didn’t want to leave the ‘family’ he had come to know so well. It was hard for everyone to see this happen, so much that tears slowly fell down Bonnie’s face as she and Popeye lowered their hats. But none took it harder than Littlefoot, who looked the most reluctant of them all.*

Littlefoot: I can’t take care of you anymore, Chomper. I’m… I’m just a kid.

*Chomper then ran over to Bonnie and began nuzzling against her leg. He looked up towards her eyes, his own pleading with her not to send him away. Bonnie could not turn away from such eyes, but she still did her best to encourage Chomper to do what’s right.*

Bonnie: Littlefoot’s right, Chomper. This is never going to work, not in the Valley. You belong in the Mysterious Beyond, with your own kind. And I’m sure your ‘real’ mother will love you just as much as I have for you.

Logan: To Chomper We are all going to miss you, little buddy. But who knows? If we are fortunate enough, fate will be kind and bring us all together again.

Littlefoot: Go on, now. Hurry!

*With that said, Chomper finally started to make his way down the mountain back into the Mysterious Beyond. A few tears fell from Littlefoot’s face, while Johnny burst into tears and bawled at this heartbreaking scene. Logan looked on trying to keep strong at first, but the emotions finally got to him. So much that he removed his glasses, even when his eyes were closed, to allow the tears to flow like tiny waterfalls.*

*As Chomper faded from sight, the rest of Littlefoot’s friends came up to join Logan and the others. Even Cera was with them, despite how harsh she was towards the Sharptooth. But still, she said her goodbyes along with the others for no matter what was going to happen, from then on, he’d always be one of them even if she wouldn’t show it.*

Cera: Good bye, Chomper.

Petrie: Bye, Chomper.

Ducky: Bye, Chomper.  


*Shortly after, Logan, Littlefoot, and all their friends rejoined their family near the opening. Littlefoot and Logan had just finished their story to Grandpa Longneck, who didn’t say much while they were explaining not only how they got to the opening but everything else that happened. All the other grown-ups stood attentive to the story, until at last the two boys had reached the end.*

Grandpa Longneck: Boys, are you sure you saw the Sharpteeth leave?

Littlefoot: Yes, Grandpa, they’re back in the Mysterious Beyond.

Logan: *Adds* Chances are they won’t be coming back for a long, long time.  

*The two boys hitched a ride atop the Grandfather’s head. The elder Apatosaur lifted his head in the air until the boys could slide along his back as they continued to speak.*

Grandpa Longneck: The two of you disobeyed me.

Littlefoot: I know, Grandpa. It's just that... We wanted to make things right again.

Grandpa Longneck: I know, Littlefoot.

Logan: Sir, I understand why you worry about Littlefoot. I never mean to put him in any danger. But you must understand that he, his friends... All of us, are more capable than you think we are. Still, if there are consequences for our actions… *Bows his head* My team and I will leave the Valley if that will make things better.

Grandpa Longneck: *To Logan* I never said you couldn’t come to the Valley anymore. Even after everything that’s happened, you never allowed anything bad to happen to my grandson and I should know that. You’ve been a good friend and no matter what happens from here on out, I know you two will have each other’s backs. *To Littlefoot* I also know that someday, you’ll understand why Grandma and I worry about you.

Littlefoot: I think I already do understand, Grandpa.

Grandpa Longneck: Good. That means you’ll stay close to the herd.

Logan: *Nods* Yeah… We’ll try.

Grandpa Longneck: *To Troy* And as for you...

Troy: *Nervously* Uh... Yes?

Grandpa Longneck: I don't know how you came to valley or learned how to speak... *Smiles* But I think it's good.

Troy Troodon: *Surprised, slowly smiles* Really? You're glad I'm here??

Grandpa Longneck: *Nods* And you too are welcome to stay here for as long as you wish.

*Once all was settled, Littlefoot approached a dead tree and pushed it down with his two feet. As he leaned his weight along the bark, holding it down, Grandpa Longneck nudged a boulder with his head and turned to the others.*

Grandpa Longneck: *Calls out* All right, everyone, get ready!

Popeye: Oooh boy! *Pulls out his can* I’ve waited all days for tis!

*Pouring the remainder of the contents down his mouth, Popeye chewed the spinach between his jaws and hurled the can aside. After a single swallow, his chest starts to swell and the muscles flew to a large proportion. Soon he was beating his chest like an ‘Ape Man’ and heaved against the pile of rocks with all the other parents. The Grandfather shouted ‘Push’ over and over until they finally caused a decent amount of rocks to slide down to the opening. But as everyone noticed, the work was only half way done.*

*Then, Grandpa Longneck turned to his grandson and nodded his head. On cue, Littlefoot released his weight on the tree, causing it to hurl the boulder like a catapult. The boulder crashed against a wall of rocks, causing it to crumble to the ground below.*

Justin: Here they go!

*As the dust settled, all the rocks were piled into a single wall thereby closing the pathway between the Valley and the Mysterious Beyond. The Valley’s residents cheered at the success of closing the wall, even some members of the team celebrated their success. Littlefoot looked on knowing that the work was finished.*

Littlefoot: There. Now the Sharpteeth won’t ever be coming back.

*Troy nods silently before turning back to the Mysterious Beyond. Though all he could see was the strange lake with all the dead dinosaurs leftover, the one thing he could think of was Strut. Despite playing a part in his brother’s schemes in kidnapping the eggs and almost killing their friends, Troy couldn’t ignore from his heart that there was still some good in him. His only regret was that there wasn’t enough time to know for sure. A tear drops down his face, as he looks on sadly.*

*As the group congratulated each other, giving each other high fives and complimenting their success, Bonnie turned and looked back to where Littlefoot stood. Sitting beside Littlefoot, his feet dangling over the edge, Logan sat silently looking over the Mysterious Beyond. Bonnie hovered toward the spot while the others, including Troy, went up the other way. Landing beside Logan, she steadily approached him.*

*Bonnie quietly sat beside Logan, both staring out into the horizon. She could tell just what Logan was thinking, even if she couldn’t see it in his eyes. But she knew this much: She was just as upset as he was.*

Bonnie: *To Logan* You miss him too… Don’t you?

Logan: *Sighs* I know we did the right thing, Bonnie. I’m glad we returned Chomper to his rightful family and secured the Valley. It’s just… I finally learned what it’s like to be a father and it still hurts to say goodbye.

Bonnie: *Puts a hand on his shoulder* For what it was worth… I think you were a ‘great’ father.

*Logan turns toward Bonnie and a smile forms on his face.*

Logan: *To Bonnie* If it’s any consolation, Bonnie… I think you were an ‘amazing’ mother.

*Bonnie blushed at the words, but her eyes turned to Logan and a tender moment started to blossom between the two. But before they could get any farther, Johnny jumped in between the two just as the others finally overcame the long uphill climb.*

Johnny: Cheer up, guys. There’ll always be a part of Chomper in our lives. Trust me… *Shows the seat of his pants, marked with a bandaid* I know!

Logan: *Stiffles a chuckle* Johnny… You are an idiot!

*But this gets everyone to laugh at this, a sad moment becoming a happy memory for all of them. Littlefoot looked on proudly before turning back to the Mysterious Beyond. As life goes on in mysterious ways, perhaps someday they will run into Chomper again. But until that time came, the little Apatosaur will always be waiting.*


*Much time had passed since the Great Wall was sealed for good. With the Sharpteeth no longer posing a threat to the Valley and with the Struthiomimus long gone, life resumed just as it left off in a quiet, peaceful atmosphere and harmony amongst all the Dinosaurs. On this particular afternoon, Littlefoot & the others ran along the hill with Ducky chasing them in a game that required a leaf over her face. They were having a fun time when all of a sudden, each of their parents called out.*

Ducky’s Mom: *Calls out* Ducky! Spike! Dinner!

Ducky: *Runs with Spike, giggling* It is time to go home! Yep, yep, yep!

Petrie’s Mom: *Calls out* Petrie!

Petrie: *Flies away* Me coming, Mama!

Littlefoot: Bye, Petrie!

Cera: Bye!

Cera’s Father: *Calls out* Cera!

Cera: *To Littlefoot* See you tomorrow, Littlefoot!

Grandpa Longneck: Littlefoot?

*Turning around, Littlefoot trots toward his Grandparents, who were waiting him under a tree. But they weren’t the only ones, as Logan was seen leaning against a tree when he saw Littlefoot approached.*

Logan: *Smirks* About time you got back.

Littlefoot: Logan! I thought you & your friends had left the Valley.

Logan: We’re actually just getting ready to leave in a while. But I figured since we’re not in a big hurry, your folks invited us to stay for dinner.

Grandma Longneck: I know you boys must be hungry. *To Littlefoot* Aren’t you?

*Littlefoot nods, but before they got set to eat there was one thing he needed to get off his chest.*

Littlefoot: Grandma, Grandpa, I changed my mind about something.

Grandpa Longneck: What’s that, Littlefoot?

Littlefoot: Well, I decided that I really like being a kid!

Grandpa Longneck: Oh?

Littlefoot: But I still can't wait to grow up!

Logan: Then boy have I got plenty of stories for you my friend.

*The Grandparents and Logan laughed alongside Littlefoot, as a touching moral was learned from this experience. That growing up isn’t an easy process for there are many responsibilities to take in and the challenges are never easy. So it’s important to appreciate one’s childhood while it lasts and make each moment a good one to carry with them when that moment finally comes. For as often as each generation grows up to take the previous one’s place, a new generation is born. A collection of players who will share as many adventures as their ancestors before, all beginning with the greatest of them all: The Great Valley Adventure.*

Littlefoot: *Sings* I can’t wait to see you

Petrie: *Sings* See you

Ducky: *Sings* See you

Littlefoot: *Sings* What’s up, Today?

Cera: *Sings* Can you hear me calling?

Petrie: *Sings* Calling

Ducky: *Sings* Calling

Cera: *Sings* It’s time to play.

Littlefoot & Friends: *Sings* Every cloud in the sky,
Green leaf on a tree,
Is reminding me,
Far away dreams really do come true.

C’mon, let’s go (Let’s go)
And run around, run around
What a beautiful feeling we finally found
A peaceful valley
And everybody’s having a good time now.

*For all it was worth, truer words have never been spoken. As each newborn dinosaur hatches from their eggs, ready to open their eyes to the world, they couldn’t be any fortunate to be in a wonderful place. Where dinosaurs of all kinds can graze along the fields together and others to make themselves at home in the water. And every day ends when they get to see the sun set along the sky, indicating the coming of a new day, marks a beautiful sight for all. Because just as they dreamed this Valley could be, for this one big happy family, there is no better place than home.*

Littlefoot: *Sings* Sun sets and rises

Petrie: *Sings* Rises

Ducky: *Sings* Rises

Littlefoot: *Sings* Plenty of things to see

Cera: *Sings* Everyday surprises

Petrie: *Sings* --Prises

Ducky: *Sings* --Prises

Cera: *Sings* Sneaking up on you and me.

*Alongside the new generation, bearing a resemblance to the older kids, Littlefoot & his friends embarked on their new mission. As of this day, it was up to them to introduce the new borns to their new home and the fun adventures that await them, just as they learned first hand.*

Littlefoot & friends: *Sings* As we go to and fro
Let sweet harmony flow
We’re having fun now
Sky’s so blue
And our dreams really do come true

Yeah, let’s go (Let’s go)
And run around, run around
What a beautiful feeling we finally found
A peaceful valley
And everybody’s having a good time now.
Logan's Adventures in TLBT II: TGVA Ch 9
Logan's Adventures in The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure
A Crossover Script/FanFic
Written by:
Bryce “The Wrestlemaniac” Kanyon & Logan "Hewylewis" Ridenbaugh

Logan introduces his crew to an old friend, Littlefoot, along with his friends, who have since been in search of some adventure in their safe and peaceful valley and have made themselves a hideaway. One night, they spot two thieves in action, stealing an egg from one of their broods. They chase them down and manage to recover the egg without its parents noticing, but in the process, accidentally create an opening into the valley, allowing in two dreaded Sharpteeth. Now, everyone must fight them off together to preserve their peaceful way of life. Even worse, Logan and Littlefoot take roles as parents after taking a Sharptooth egg.

Note: We do not own any of the characters featured in the story (Except for OCs).

Note 2: Enjoy!

Chapter Eight

*As the Trimaxian Adventure Crew, along with Littlefoot & his friends, stood petrified at the horrible sight before their eyes, the two Sharpteeth eyed the group with red eyes, baring their razor sharp teeth. The only difference between the two was there color, one was dark with a tan underbelly and the other was lightish brown with a lime-colored stomach. But one thing was absolutely certain: Those two creatures looked angry and hungry at the same time.*

Loki: *Growls, translates* Oh sure, this doesn’t make today worse at all.

Troy: *Eyes wide in terror* No! No, i-it can’t be! That-That’s impossible!!

Isaac: Guys, I suggest that we…

Logan & Littlefoot: RUN!!!!

*Screaming at the top of their lungs, Logan & Littlefoot led their friends in their escape barely missing the sharpteeths’ attempts to eat them. After spitting out the grass & soil from their mouths, they quickly pursued the tiny band, who tried to frantically run away while Isaac rode atop of Loki for extra speed.*


*Meanwhile, Grandpa & Grandma Longneck eating a leaf or two off a nearby tree without a care in the world. All of a sudden, they heard a familiar roar in the distance and were shocked by what they heard.*

Grandma Longneck: *Confused* Sharpteeth? In the Valley?

Grandpa Longneck: *To Grandma* We must warn the others.

*Sensing that trouble was afoot, the Grandparents make their way to warn the other adults that the Sharpteeth are invading the Valley.*


*Little did the parents know, the Trimaxian Adventure Crew were trying to lead the other children out of harm’s way, not willing to take the chance of putting their lives at risk against the Sharpteeth. During which time, Logan was leading Littlefoot, Cera & Petrie when Johnny stopped running and stood completely still as the two Tyrannosaurs approached.*

Logan: *Looks back* Johnny, what are you doing?!

Johnny: *Quietly* Shh! Don’t worry, they won’t see me if I don’t move!

Isaac: *Face-palms* Johnny, that theory’s been disproven!!

Johnny: *Looks to Isaac* It has?

*Suddenly, the creature’s growling caused Johnny to widen his eyes & slowly turn to find himself face-to-face with the stare of the Sharptooth’s red eyes. There was no mistake, it saw him & it was just anticipating the prey’s next move.*

Johnny: *Squeaky voice* Mommy.

Logan: Get out of there!!

*Suddenly, screaming like a little girl, Johnny turned tail and ran just as the sharptooth clutched the hood of his hoody. Johnny ran like mad, his legs kicking the dirt rapidly, and yet was not even moving as the creature tried to pull him. However, the creature’s teeth ripped the hood off of Johnny’ jacket who took off at high speed, soaring past the others whooping & hollering in fright.*

*The two predators crashed their feet along the path, continuing their pursuit as both the crew & the children continued to run for dear life. They attempted to run through the trees, hoping they’d be too thick for the beasts to follow. But they relentlessly continued to follow them, one even tried to snag Littlefoot with its jaws only to miss by a few inches. While the trees were able to slow them down, in the end the beasts came crashing through the forest forcing the others to keep running.*

*But luckily, Logan & the crew were able to lead the kids to a safe location deep in the forest, as the Sharpteeth passed the group after losing their trace. With the Sharpteeth searching elsewhere, the group finally had a moment to take a few deep breathes after a terrifying experience.*

Isaac: *Between breathes, to Logan* So… Sharptooth expert… Huh? Know… How to take one down… Didn’t you?

Logan: *Between breathes* Back then… It was just one… Big difference!

Petrie: *Sighs in relief* Oh! It dangerous out there!

Troy: *Panicking* No… No, no, no! This can't be right! This can't be right at all! How on earth did those monsters get in here?!

Cera: I thought Sharpteeth couldn’t get into the Valley.

Troy: They CAN’T! They’re not supposed to!!

Littlefoot: *Guilty* I think it’s our fault.

Cera: What do you mean? What did we do?

Logan: *Eyes widen* The rockslide! From when we were chasing Ozzy and Strut! It must've opened up a hole in the Great Wall! That's how they must’ve gotten in!

Cera: *Realizes* Oh! Yeah.

Isaac: Now with those bloodthirsty animals stalking the grounds, no one here will be safe.

Loki: *Growls, translates* And the first creature they come across will most likely be the first thing they’re going to eat.

Troy: *Kneels to the ground, sadly* It’s no one’s fault but mine, I did this.

Bonnie: No, Troy, don’t say that. It’s not your fault—

Troy: IT’S TRUE!!! If I had stopped Ozzy & Strut when they were robbing one of the eggs, this all could’ve been avoided! You’d never had to go after them & that rockslide would never happen! I’ve been granted an I.Q. that’s supposed to be higher than the smartest creatures in the world & I couldn’t even protect a single Valley! I had one job… One job! *Sighs* I can’t even do that right.

*Suddenly, they heard a different set of snarling. Only, it wasn’t a sharptooth, and it caused Littlefoot to turn around for he knew it came from only one creature.*

Littlefoot: *Shouts* Grandpa!

*Before their very eyes, one of the Sharpteeth confronted Grandpa Longneck, who attempted to maintain a safe distance from the creature’s fangs & claws. Though Grandpa Longneck was bigger than the Sharptooth, the group knew he couldn’t stay on the defense for long.*

Logan: We’ve got to help him, come on!

*Logan & Littlefoot immediately rushed off to help Grandpa Longneck, the others assumed the two were crazy to rush into a fight while Chomper chirped worriedly.*

Cera: Guys, he’s a grown-up! He can handle that old Sharptooth!

Littlefoot: *Calls out* No! He needs us!

*Concerned for both Logan & Littlefoot, Chomper rushed after the two and the group saw the little guy was unintentionally leading himself into harm’s way again.*

Cera: *Gasps* Chomper, stay here!

*Chomper, however, ignored Cera’s call as he followed his two close friends toward the field, where Grandpa Longneck attempted to hold his own against the menacing golden beast. As the Sharptooth stalked the elder creature across the stream, Grandpa Longneck swiped his tail against the beast with enough force to knock the wind out its teeth. Still, the beast kept going as Grandpa Longneck swiped his tail once more. But while the monster ducked the first swipe, the second swipe sent it splashing into the water as Grandpa Longneck paced back.*

*Enraged, the beast stepped back on its feet and uttered a menacing roar towards the Apatosaur. With a mighty lunge, the beast delivered a stunning headbutt toward Grandpa Longneck, the blow hurls him onto his side into the water. The beast looms over the Apatosaur, roaring in triumph and prepares to deliver the death blow against its prey.*

Logan: *Runs up behind the Sharptooth, calls out* Hey Ugly! Yeah, you!!

*The beast wheels its head towards the strangest creature it had seen with its own eyes. A bipedal creature decked in the strangest fur, an equal trace on its head and seemingly black eyes stood before the beast holding a strange object piercing towards the monster.*

Logan: *Calls out* Come on!! How about an appetizer before the main course!?

*With its attention turned towards the strange creature, the latter ran off with the monster in hot pursuit.*

Logan: Yeah, that’s right!! Come get me, you ugly, overgrown iguana!!

*With the Sharptooth distracted momentarily, Grandpa Longneck took the time to recover from the blow to regroup with the other dinosaurs across the lake. As Littlefoot neared the lake, he saw Logan burst off like he never ran before with the terrifying monster breathing down his neck and snapping its jaws with every inch of its teeth close to picking the boy apart.*

Logan: *Calls out* Littlefoot, here he comes!!

*Littlefoot screeched to a sudden halt, turning around to run back to the forest. As Logan ducked into the forest, the Sharptooth’s feet crashed against the smaller trees behind him and he could hear the beast’s roar echoing along the Valley. The only problem now was what Logan was going to do now that the beast was onto him.*

*Meanwhile, Littlefoot stopped at a nearby tree root where vines stretched along the sides. An idea formed in his head as he approached one of the nearby vines and clutched it with his flat teeth. He heard a noise and turned his head seeing Chomper munching along the same vine on the other side, as if the little Sharptooth shared the same idea.*

Littlefoot: Chomper!

*As they both held the vine, the monster’s roar brings Littlefoot’s attention back to the field. Logan was maintaining a good distance away from the beast, but he knew his friend couldn’t keep running forever. But as they ran to where the vines were, their plan was coming together.*

Littlefoot: *To Chomper* Get ready to pull!

Chomper: *Nods, gurgles* Uh huh.

Logan: *Runs past* NOW!!!!

*As Logan ducked over the vine and into a roll, Littlefoot and Chomper pulled the vine against the Sharptooth’s feet. They held on tightly, as the two managed to trip over the larger Dinosaur to the ground a breath of air escaping from the impact. As Logan recovered with Littlefoot and Chomper meeting up with him, the beast eyed the creatures that meddled in its pursuit and snarled viciously towards the trio, who ran as fast as they could while the monster rolled itself back onto its feet.*

Logan: At least that bought us some time for Mr. Longneck to get away.

*Yet even now as Logan and his friends took off running, the beast recovered quick enough to pursue the trio its eyes blazed with vengeance. The trio ran through the woods until they spotted Cera standing by the entrance of a small cave.*

Cera: *Calls out* Logan! Littlefoot, in here!

*The three joined up with Cera rushing into the cave, with Logan having to duck down into a crouch due to being so tall. They had just made it inside when the beast stopped before the cave entrance, looming its massive skull toward the opening unveiling its fangs. The kids ran deep into the cave, screaming in terror, as Logan stayed behind with his keyblade aimed at the beast.*

Logan: *Calls out* Stay behind me kids!

*Though they knew the beast was too big to enter the cave, nonetheless the Sharptooth aimed to stretch one of its tiny arms to swipe its claws. THUNK! A coconut hits the beast on the noggin, causing the beast to turn its attention just as another struck the beast right on the nose. High atop a palm tree where the coconuts hung along, Ducky, Petrie, and Troy chuckled as they hit their marks on the monster. As Petrie passed a coconut to Ducky, Troy stuck with his slingshot with pebbles ready to launch.*

Petrie: You good shot, Ducky!

Ducky: Thank you, Petrie.

*Taking the heavy coconut in her tiny arms, Ducky hurled the coconut with all her might until they heard it crash against the Sharptooth while Troy pulled the sling and steadied himself to launch.*

Ducky: *Shouts* Take that, you mean old Sharptooth!

Logan: *Calls out* Ducky, no! Get away!!

Troy: Don’t worry about us, Logan! By the length of this tree compared to that beastie’s size, we definitely got the edge on this one! *Shoots a pebble*

*However, all the coconuts and pebbles hurled toward the monster only made it angrier. Leaving the entrance of the cave, it approached the tall palm tree where the tiny trio sat perched along the leaves. Though the tree was indeed taller by a few inches, the beast reeled its head toward the top hoping to make a meal out of the smaller creatures. The children screamed while Troy climbed another branch when the monster got close.*

Troy: *Nervously* On second thought, we probably should’ve picked a bigger tree!

*Seeing her friends in danger, Cera ducked past Logan and the others away from the sanctity of the cave and hurled towards the Sharptooth at a reckless pace.*

Cera: I’m coming, guys!

Logan: *Calls out* Cera, not you too!

*As the Sharptooth leapt into the air trying to reach Troy and the two children, Cera launched herself toward one of the monster’s feet. The charge backfired, however, causing her to roll over on the ground. Though it felt more like a pebble, the charge drew the beast’s attention and the dazed triceratops found herself caught in the beast’s sight, roaring towards the startled young lady.*

*Cera burst into a run screaming as the Sharptooth snapped its jaws in its attempt to catch her. Cera lured the beast through the forest, away from her friends, as she approached a tiny cliff a short distance away. Up above the edge, where a single boulder laid perched along the edge, Spike along the majority of Logan’s crew, Johnny included, stood in position awaiting the cue. All at once, they heard Cera’s shouts in the distance and saw the monster chasing their little friend.*

Cera: *Shouts* Spike! Now, guys, now!

Johnny: You heard her, guys!

Justin: All right, everyone! Put your backs into it!

*The team, along with Spike, pushed with all their might trying to get the boulder to tip over the edge. But even with all their strength and even when Bonnie used the rockets on her feet for an extra push, the boulder hardly budged an inch. By now, Cera had lead the Sharptooth near the cliff and the monster was close to snapping the little Dinosaur in its jaws. Suddenly, they actually felt the boulder start to tip and leaned hard against the rock.*

Johnny: I know this is corny even for me, but… Rock and roll!

*The team watched as the rock fell off the cliff and smacked the Sharptooth right on its head. The beast swayed and tipped along the side, trying to keep its balance. But the blunt drop finally caused the creature to crash on the ground front first, growling softly as the rock split in two. As the beast groaned in pain, Cera scoffed at the beast and walked past it with her head held high. By then, the group made it down the hill to regroup with Cera.*

Isaac: *Looked at the beast* Not as epic as the story Logan told us… But I’ll take it.

Loki: *Growls, translates* Least it wasn’t as cheesy as one of Johnny’s lines.

Johnny: *Annoyed* Hey!

Logan: *Calls out* Good job, guys!

Troy: Wow... I'm surprised that didn't manage to kill it. Skull must be as strong as steel.

Cera: *Shouts back* We did it, Logan! We flattened that dumb old Sharptooth! Hah…

*Suddenly, Cera’s excitement turned to sheer terror and screamed when the darker Sharptooth suddenly appeared through the trees. Taken by surprise, the team screamed at the sight of the beast while it roared towards the startled group.*

Cera: *Screams, shouts* Another one!

Popeye: Oh my garwsk! We forgots about ‘im!

Justin: Run!!

*Without hesitation, the Trimaxian Adventure Crew broke into a run close behind Cera. But Spike, at the very sight of the monster looming above him, stood petrified and shuddered as the beast steadily approached the frightened Stegosaurus. The group, along with Cera, had only just made their way back to Logan and the others when they finally acknowledged Spike about to be eaten by the beast.*

Bonnie: Oh no, Spike!!

Logan: Spike, come on, run!!

Petrie: Spike!

Ducky: *Shouts* Do not stand there, Spike! Run!

*Troy reaches into his tiny saddle bag where he kept his pebbles. But his eyes widen when his claw felt nothing but the material from inside the bag.*

Troy: Ah… Crud!

*Spike, though hearing the shouts, was too scared to run as if his feet were glued to the very grass beneath his feet. The Sharptooth, seeing that the young Stegosaur was making no attempts to run, slowly bent its head with his claws stretched out and prepared to devour the helpless creature in a single bite. Ducky, not willing to see an ill fate upon her ‘brother’, made a daring leap off the tree before Petrie or Troy could react.*

Petrie: Ducky!

Troy: Ducky! What are you doing?!

*Ignoring the shouts, Ducky leap from one tree to the next before hopping atop the Sharptooth’s head. Despite her tiny size, Ducky stomped and kicked against the monster’s head like a brave dinosaur.*

Ducky: You leave my little brother alone!

Johnny: Wow... She's got a lotta guts for such a tiny little dinosaur.

Loki: *Growls, translates* She’s either the bravest dinosaur of the entire group… Or that was very stupid.

*Either way, Ducky’s distraction snapped Spike out of his terror and the soft spoken creature ran off to rejoin his friends. Ducky, meanwhile, kept banging her fists atop the monster’s snout until the beast reeled his head high and bellowed a mighty roar. The sudden move caused Ducky to nearly fall off and the group could only watch as their little friend was barely hanging on by the beast’s nose.*

Justin: No!!

Logan: Ducky!!

*Meanwhile, all the grownups had gotten together inspecting the damage left by the two Sharpteeth prowling in the valley. Suddenly, they heard a loud scream and realized one of their own was in danger.*

Grandma Longneck: That was one of our young ones!

Ducky’s Mom: Ducky!

Grandpa Longneck: This way, quick!

*The parents moved in post haste in hopes to save their children from the vicious creatures. One of them was still trying to shake Ducky off her face while Bonnie hovered close by in an attempt to save Ducky.*

Ducky: Help!

*As Ducky made a new hold on the creature’s nose, the second Sharptooth approached. Ducky turned her head and screamed at the sight.*

Bonnie: Hang on, Ducky! *Takes off into the air* Auntie Bonnie will save you!

*Bonnie zooms into the air and hovers just inches from the Golden Sharptooth, the beast eyeing the new obstacle before its eyes.*

Bonnie: I don’t want to have to spoil the time line… But you are not having a snack out of my friends!

*Bonnie hurled a fist at the creature’s nose; the beast reeled back from the metallic creature’s attack. More stunned than hurt, the creature quickly recovered and widened its jaws to snatch the creatures.*

Ducky: *Screams* Help!

*Just in the nick of time, Bonnie manages to catch Ducky off the other Sharptooth’s face and zoom off. The Golden Sharptooth ended up clutching the other in its jaws. With Ducky in her grasp, Bonnie looked back to see the Sharpteeth tangled up.*

Bonnie: Phew… That was a close one!

Ducky: *Looks up, gasps* Bonnie, look out!

*Bonnie darts her eyes forward, but leans too late to avoid a nearby branch from the tree. Driven off course, Bonnie turns back and hits the bark of another tree back first causing the jets on her feet to shut off. They land flat onto the ground with Bonnie still holding on to Ducky.*

*The Sharpteeth, meanwhile, snarled at each other as if they were trying to communicate. The darker beast clearly wasn’t happy that his snout was wedged in the other’s teeth, while the latter was only unhappy that it missed the target. But then both heads turned to face the two creatures lying along the tree and stalked towards the girls. Bonnie seeing the dinosaurs approached saw Ducky quivering behind her and the former reluctantly pulled one of her pistols from her holster.*

Bonnie: *Aims at the Sharpteeth* Please don’t make me do this…

*Still the Sharpteeth edged forward, determined to eat their prey by any means. Bonnie was all that stood between the helpless Swimmer and the two monsters that she had to face at the same time with only her guns for defense. She'd never thought this would end this way, trapped by a pair of Tyrannosaurs on the verge of...*

*Suddenly, a revelation hit Bonnie and she started to put the pieces together. All at once, she recalled a mystery that has been shaking against her since they encountered the pair. In that tense amount of time, something that had been bugging her as if it was trying to tell her something. Just before she could speak up, the parents finally arrived.*

Ducky's Mom: *To the Sharpteeth* Get away from our children!

*There they stood, the parents of Littlefoot and his friends defiantly holding their ground against the two Sharpteeth, a pair embracing the challenge. Seeing their chance to escape, Bonnie returned the gun to her holster and carried Ducky away as Petrie and Troy followed close behind.*

Bonnie: Run guys!

*Before the Sharpteeth could make their move, Grandpa Longneck whipped his tail against one Sharptooth as Cera’s dad plowed against the other knocking the beast onto its back. While the Golden Sharptooth was stunned, Littlefoot’s Grandparents double-teamed on the monster with their tails and knocked the monster onto the ground. Together, Logan, Littlefoot, and their friends watched as their parents used the numbers to their advantage against the creatures.*

Littlefoot: Look at the grown-ups go!

Isaac: It's like watching an old Harryhausen dinosaur movie… But in real life!

Johnny: *Films the fight with his camcorder* I’ll say this much, Spielberg’s got nothing on this!

Cera: Get him, Papa!

*The Sharpteeth soon discovered that the odds were stacked against them, as the parents marched fearlessly towards the predators forcing them to back away. Wanting no part of the fight, the monsters turned tail and fled deep into the forest. Their defense a success, all the dinosaurs cheered as peace returned to the Valley once more.*

Isaac: HA-ZAH!!! Guess we showed those ugly beasties what happens when they mess with the Trimaxian Adventure Crew!!

Logan: WE didn't do anything. The parents handled them, not us.

Johnny: Ah, who cares? We still won the fight; let’s celebrate!

*Littlefoot and his friends cheered as they left the safety of the cave and rushed toward the field. They all ran off to reunite with their families, Logan and his crew not far behind, all except for ‘one’. At the foot of a tree, Chomper stopped and could only watch as his friends made way to join the others unaware that he fell behind. While Chomper did not know much of anything, the words rang clear in his mind.*

Littlefoot’s Voice: Don’t you see, Chomper? You can’t be a Sharptooth; Sharpteeth aren’t allowed in this Valley.

*From what he took to heart, it was as if Chomper knew that if he ever showed his face before the herd then he would be treated just the same as the monsters that attacked him and his friends. And should they try to defend him, they would only get in trouble and perhaps even ostracized for defending a Sharptooth. Not wanting his friends to be in trouble and feeling he has no home in the Valley, Chomper turned around and ran off through the woods to spend the remainder of his days alone.*

*Meanwhile, the parents deeply discussed the Sharpteeth incident while the children and the crew stood quietly. Troy in particular was practically hidden in between the group, not wanting to reveal himself just yet. But from what he could hear, the parents were definitely suspicious.*

Cera’s Father: Those Sharpteeth won’t dare show their faces here again!

Grandma Longneck: But how did they get into the Valley in the first place?

Grandpa Longneck: Who knows?

Ducky’s Mother: It’s never happened before!

Stegosaur: It’s a mystery.

*The children and the crew definitely felt guilty about the Sharpteeth being in the Valley. Yet they were more nervous as to how they’d feel once they started putting the pieces in place. For them, despite being glad the Sharpteeth were gone they still found themselves in an awkward position.*

Popeye: *Nervously* Uh, y-yeah. Who da seen tat one comin’? Hmm… I wonda…

Johnny: Well… Eh heh, I don’t know about you folks but what a day this has been. I mean Sharpteeth rampaging through the Valley and the fighting, tends to make one feel drowsy. *Feigns yawn* I think we’ll just run along and get these kids to bed and…

Grandma Longneck: *To the Crew* Boys? Do you know how the Sharpteeth got in?

Isaac: Who, us? Uh... Um...

Loki: *Growls, translates* Why would we ever associate ourselves with those easily antagonistic monsters?

Johnny: We don’t even know those guys. Don’t we kids?

*Ducky at first nodded her head, but when she turned around all the other children glared at her. Realizing her mistake, Ducky tried to cover it up while the others tried to keep a straight face… Though the guilt was as plain as the nose on their face.*

Ducky: Not really. Oh, no, no…

Bonnie: *Adds* We’re only guests? *Nervously laughs*

Grandma Longneck: *To her grandson* Littlefoot?

Littlefoot: *Stuttering* I… Um… Um…

Cera’s Father: *Approaches his daughter* Cera?

*Based on the look on her father’s face, even Cera looked nervous as he stood before her awaiting a direct answer.*

Cera: *Gulps* Well, um… See…

*But it was no use. All the parents had their eyes on not only the children, but the entire crew. Justin scratched the back of his head, Popeye was twisting his hat between his hands, and the sweat easily escaped their brows as the guilt started to take over. Finally, admitting defeat, Logan steps forward.*

Logan: It’s our fault, everyone. You see, last night, we chased a pair of egg-nappers into the Mysterious Beyond…

Cera's Father: *Stunned* Mysterious Beyond?

Grandma Longneck: *Surprised* Egg-nappers?

Johnny: *Raises an eyebrow* Did her voice just change?

Justin: *Groans* Not now, Johnny.

Logan: Some rocks fell, and that made a big hole, letting the Sharpteeth into the valley. We tried to stop them ourselves, but we were in over our heads, we felt terrible that you guys almost got hurt, and we're really, really sorry.

Troy's Voice: It's true.

*All was silent for a moment when the group separated to allow Troy Troodon himself to be exposed before the whole Valley. Suddenly, all the adults gasped at the sight of the strange Troodon with the orange jacket and a pipe in his mouth, bubbles escaping as he stood silently.*

Ducky’s Mother: Is that a…

Troy: Yes, yes, I know what you’re gonna say. “It’s a Sharptooth! What’s he doing here? How’d he come in?” We all know the gist. But I’m more than just a Sharptooth… I’m also a witness. I was there when it happened and I saw the whole thing. The rock slide, entering the Mysterious Beyond, and… *Pause* That weird reptile monster we won’t see again for the remainder of the story… *Continues* Anyway, the point is: That’s how it all went down. It was all an accident.

Logan: You can trust Troy; he wouldn't hurt any of you. *Looks to Troy* He's our friend.

Bonnie: And he was right. We only wanted to return an egg to its family; we never wanted this to happen. Honest.

Isaac: *Points to Ducky's mother* An egg from your nest, I might add.

Ducky’s Mother: Oh dear!

Grandma Longneck: We must close the opening at once!

*Without hesitation, all the parents prepared to leave to close the wall before any more Sharpteeth could enter the family. Still feeling guilty over what transpired, Littlefoot and Logan stepped forward.*

Littlefoot: We want to help!

Grandpa Longneck: No, Littlefoot! It’s too dangerous! You and the other young ones must stay here!

Logan: *Clenches his fists, determined* No.

Grandpa Longneck: Excuse me?

Logan: You can't treat us like children anymore, Mr. Longneck, and we don't want you to fix our mistakes. It's our fault the Sharpteeth arrived; we want this chance to prove we are old enough to clean up after ourselves.

Grandpa Longneck: Disrupting the Great Wall was one thing, but the safety of our children has always been your top priority. From one adult to another, the fact that you did allow them to wander off beyond our boundaries was irresponsible and reckless. This way from here they will not be in harm's way. I am not asking you, I am telling you: You and the others 'will' stay in the valley.

Logan: But if you close up that wall while the Sharpteeth are still in the valley, you'll only be trapping them in here with you, making it that much easier for them to pick off every single one of you ‘til there is nothing left! Is that what you want for your grandson?

*In that moment, Logan and Grandpa Longneck eye one another. Their stubborn pride was clear to see, neither one willing to back down.*

Logan: Need I remind you that Littlefoot and I took down a Sharptooth single handedly before we came to the Valley? The SAME Sharptooth, might I add, that murdered his mother AND could‘ve easily gotten into the valley if we hadn‘t stepped in to stop him?! I have all the power and skills for a great guard yet even with all my training 'I' couldn't save her. I know you miss her, not a day in my life goes by that I don't have that image in my head. I made mistakes too, I didn't do enough to make sure they 'both' made it to the valley, but I did bring him and his friends here regardless.

Grandpa Longneck: *Nods his head* I know you did, Littlefoot told me of the part you played in their journey. That's why I really need you to keep them safe because a true leader puts the safety of others first before themselves. I appreciate your determination, but I won't allow my Grandson or the other children in harm's way. Do you understand?

Logan: *Pause, sighs* Yes... I do.

*Defeated and humbled, Logan turns away from Grandpa Longneck, who looks on as he returns to his crew. Littlefoot sees the disappointment in Logan’s eyes and sighs knowing that they would have to stay. With that settled, Grandpa Longneck turned back to rejoin the others.*

Grandpa Longneck: *To the parents* Now, how can we close the wall?

Ducky’s Mother: Any ideas?

Cera’s Father: We must do it right away.

Cera: Well, I'm not going to stay here. I'm going to help whether the grownups like it or not.

Logan: *Pause, determined* My thoughts exactly. *Reaches into his coat, pulls out a M41A pulse rifle*

Johnny: Whoa, dude!!

Isaac: Is that an M413 pulse rifle?

Logan: A little souvenir from our previous adventure.

Isaac: How were you able to fit it so easily in your coat like that?

Hewy: Magical infinite storage pocket given to me by Master Yen Sid. Anyway, if the adults are gonna seal the wall while the Sharpteeth are still in the valley… *Cocks the rifle* Then we might as well to hunt them down before they have a chance to hurt anyone else.

Justin: Logan, let's be smart about this. Its one thing that you managed to beat 'one' Sharptooth. But you expect us to search an entire Valley to take down 'two' of those beasts? We'd need a better plan and I don't think a boulder is going to work this time.

Logan: If this gun can take out a pack of acid bleeding aliens, it can take out two dinosaurs just as easily.

Troy: Whoa, whoa! Hold the phone! I know I'm just starting off on this team. But are you aware how bad it is harming living creatures in this time period? It could horribly alter the time line!

Logan: Well, what do you suggest we do then? I doubt we'd be fast enough to lure them through the opening in the wall before the grownups close it off!

Troy: Maybe not, but we could still give it a try. Killing them should only be a last resort!

Loki: *Growls, translates* I have doubts about this plan. But if it comes down to me or Isaac that dies, I think I like my chances.

Littlefoot: *Looks around* Where's Chomper? Has anyone seen him?

Popeye: Wat? *Looks around* Chompa's gone?!

Cera: *Looks around* Chomper?

Ducky: *Looks around* Where did you go Chomper?

Petrie: *Looks around* Me no see him anywhere!

Littlefoot: I have to find him! He's out there all alone! *Runs off into the forest*

Logan: *Calls out* Littlefoot, wait! You're grandpa said to stay with us!

Ducky: Oh he is going to be in BIG trouble.

Logan: That's not all he's gonna be if those Sharpteeth find him first! Come on! *Hoists his gun and is about to run after Littlefoot*

Bonnie: *Grabs Logan's shoulder* Wait, Logan! You can't kill those Sharpteeth!

Logan: Ugh! Bonnie, not you too!

Bonnie: Logan, please--

Logan: *Interrupts* What do you want me to do? Just let them KILL Littlefoot?!

Bonnie: No, it's just that...I think they're Chomper's parents.

Logan: *Pause* What?

Bonnie: Think about it, Logan! Why would two Sharpteeth immediately appear in the Great Valley, unless they had a nest nearby?

Ducky: You mean those Sharpteeth are Chomper's mommy and daddy?

Justin: Of course! It makes perfect sense! They didn't come to the valley to hunt...

Logan: They came looking for their egg.

Johnny: Whoa... This is heavy.

Logan: *To Petrie* Petrie, fly to the grownups and tell them to hold off sealing the hole in the wall untill I get there!

Petrie: *Nod* Petrie do his best! *Flies away*

Logan: *To the crew* Guys, change of plans. We got to find Chomper and get him back to his family. We’ve got to get them home!

Troy: That's the smartest thing you've said today!

Logan: Troy, you and the guys keep your eye on the kids; Bonnie and I will search for Littlefoot and Chomper!

Isaac: But why just you guys?

Bonnie: Because even if those Sharpteeth are Chomper's parents, to him, I'm still his mama!

Logan: I promised Chomper that we would keep him safe and I haven't been doing that good of a job. And I think... I think it's time I started acting like a 'father' for once. *Slings the pulse rifle over his shoulder* Let's go!

*The remainder of the crew, along with the children, looked on as Logan & Bonnie made their way into the wilderness in search of their two friends. But with two Sharpteeth still on the loose, they knew it would be a miracle for either one to come out of this alive.*
Logan's Adventures in TLBT II: TGVA Ch 8
Logan's Adventures in The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure
A Crossover Script/FanFic
Written by:
Bryce “The Wrestlemaniac” Kanyon & Logan "Hewylewis" Ridenbaugh

Logan introduces his crew to an old friend, Littlefoot, along with his friends, who have since been in search of some adventure in their safe and peaceful valley and have made themselves a hideaway. One night, they spot two thieves in action, stealing an egg from one of their broods. They chase them down and manage to recover the egg without its parents noticing, but in the process, accidentally create an opening into the valley, allowing in two dreaded Sharpteeth. Now, everyone must fight them off together to preserve their peaceful way of life. Even worse, Logan and Littlefoot take roles as parents after taking a Sharptooth egg.

Note: We do not own any of the characters featured in the story (Except for OCs).

Note 2: Enjoy!

"'Dragon's Lair', the fantasy adventure of a valiant knight on a quest to rescue the fair princess from the clutches of an evil dragon."

We've all heard this story before, many generations before Kindles and the Book aps on cell phones nearly put actual books off the map. But back in the 1980s, when animator and director Don Bluth was at the top of his prime with some of his best selling movies he soon brought to life one of the most epic arcade games in the history of mankind. 30 years since the release, 'Dragon's Lair' continues to be praised by millions of fans worldwide. An impact that generated a sequel, a spin-off, a television series, and even an updated video game for the PS2 (Though I'm sure it was on other consoles). But the one request fans have made over and over and over is plain and simple: When will it actually become a movie?

Back then, players used to control the actions of the daring adventurer while helping him find his way through the castle of a dark wizard (Most likely the Dragon) who has since enchanted the palace with monsters and various obstacles. For within the mysterious caverns below said castle, the odyssey continues against the forces that would oppose the brave knight's efforts to reach the Dragon's Lair.

But now as of today, an opportunity has come for audiences worldwide to take part in a kickstarter to help turn this dream project into a reality. We know there are fans out there waiting for that opportunity to contribute in any way they can and with 30 days to spare there is still a chance for audiences of many kinds (Those who grew up with the franchise and those introduced) to see this fantasy come to life. For the possibilities of this story are endless: A chance to explore more of the story, to develop the characters in ways we never imagined, with twists and turns at every corner, and the opportunity to put Don Bluth back on the animation map!

So follow this link below fellow adventurers, your quest to donate... Begins!!!…


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