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Good morning DeviantArt Fanatics,
I'm Bryce "The Wrestlemaniac" Kanyon and I am back!!! From my week of staying in both Las Vegas, Nevada and the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, I have finally returned to my home state of Florida. What an experience it has been during the past week or so, from it's highs and lows, one experience to another, and certainly it was a trip I'm not going to forget. I would've most certainly been able to have this journal set the moment I came back but then again after coming home following a plane trip that ended at midnight there was no way that was going to happen. But I am here now and by god do I have so many stories to tell.

Starting way back to the visit in Las Vegas, if first impressions can teach a person anything is that no human being can ever truly have lived not unless you get to see Vegas for the first time in his or her life (Sorry folks, but seeing Vegas in any form of media is not going to count). Even when my parents visited the city many years ago, much had changed in Vegas in consideration to the fact that it was much like Time Square, always growing bigger with more new stuff. Staying at the Signature Grand, we've seen a variety of shows at Vegas: From talent acts (A Pet Comedy act to a magic act by magician, Jan Rouven) to a Celine Dion concert (Hell yeah, "that" Celine Dion) and even a Cirque de Solei performance that takes place in the water. We've visited a great number of Vegas restaurants (Even a German themed restaurant), got to explore the old section of Las Vegas, and we even got our pictures taken with the hosts of both "Brother vs. Brother" and "Property Brothers", HGTV's own Drew and Jonathan Scott! Oh yeah, those are moments I'm certainly not going to forget.

Course we didn't stay in Vegas for long, as we soon took the rugged approach staying at the Grand Canyon during the last few days of the week. Though our hotel wasn't as fancy as the Grand, nor was there any air condition, the best parts of that part of the trip was not so much the hotel in general but the experience among the rim. From hiking along several trails to exploring some of the historic landmarks, it was a great time for taking pictures (Especially when you had a best friend who wanted to know how you're doing). As if the views of the Canyon in general weren't enough, the wildlife we got to see were just as beautiful as this national wonder in general. Though the Canyon was as dry as Las Vegas, it was part of a vacation we'd never forget and probably won't ever forget during the many years to come.

So now here I am, back in the comfort of my room, in my own house with air conditioning. Reflecting back on that trip, what I mentioned before was true: You never truly live until you get to explore these places. From Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, we made the best of this one entire trip and that's something I cannot easily forget. Granted, I can never think of staying in states like that but perhaps in 20 or so years from now I would certainly love to see those places again especially when I have kids of my own. But now I've returned, going back to my usual business whether it's working on my crossovers or helping others with their work, and with only memories of that trip to carry with me.

Until you see what other work I have in store, this is Bryce Kanyon... Signing off!


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Bryce Kiyoshi Lucas
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